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Tea is an integrated part of almost every Indian’s life. We start our day with refreshing tea. Many people often love to visit restaurants for high tea. If you are in India’s capital city, we would recommend you these top four restaurants in Delhi for a reenergizing high teatime experience.

Our Story Bistro and Tea Room

Our Story Bistro and Tea Room is well known for its different flavoured tea with unique taste and intriguing aroma. They have indoor and outdoor seating as well. The place has lovely wall paintings that make the cafe more alive and rejuvenating. You can sip your tea peacefully while seated in chairs of comfortable sofas. This café in Noida has a cosy atmosphere with delicious tea-time snacks apart from your refreshing cup of hot tea. A visit to this quaint café is really worth a try!

Coffee & Chai Company

Coffee and Chai Company offers delicious breakfast all day with scrumptious dishes. They offer dishes like Eggs Florentine, Pancakes with Maple Syrup and much more. You can also have pizza, pasta, burger and sandwich. True to its name, the light coloured walls sync perfectly with tea- inspired photographs on the wall. The soothing pictures of hilltops blend perfectly with ice-peaked mountains and beautiful views. The overall ambience is beautiful and welcoming. So, next time you are in Gurgaon and craving for tea, this is the place to drop by.

Marine Drivve Club & Courtyard

The moment you hear the name Marine Drivve, your senses are likely to recall the famous Marine Drive in Mumbai, but this fine dining restaurant does not have any similarity to Mumbai’s popular street. However, the name does light up a lot of expectations in the minds of diners.A great place to go to for refreshing tea!

The setup of this little place is amazing and takes you back to the journey of school days. They have indoor and outdoor seating as well. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi over here. It has an economic menu that can be the perfect fit to visit with yourfamily or gang of friends. So, next time you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends over a cup of tea, this place would be the perfect pick.

Patmos Cafe

Patmos Café is favourite café to head out to for many youngsters who love tea. It offers a wide variety of multi-cuisine delicacies like Continental, Fusion, Italian and Mexican. You can also enjoy a variety of hot and cold beverages- shakes, mocktails, tea, and coffee. When it comes to ambience, they have the perfect cosy seating. It is the best place for both private dining and group hangouts.

So, these are the best places to have an energizing cup of tea with some mouth-watering dishes. So, next time when you have a craving for a high tea experience, you know which places to visit in Delhi.

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