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It is often said that there is no adventure like a Uganda adventure. Uganda, a vibrant nation located in the heart of Eastern Africa, has long been favoured as a destination of travellers from many countries and, with its rich culture, spectacular natural beauty, and stunning wildlife it is easy to see why. For the past 40 years, Uganda has thrived and has rapidly become a highlights reel which comprises many of the most beautiful parts of the greater East African Region. In addition, it is an extremely safe country with friendly locals, delicious food, and a low crime rate.

Landing at Entebbe national airport you will immediately be drawn into the leafy groves and hustling marketplaces of the Ugandan capital of Kampala known for its selection of fine coffeehouses. Indeed the proprietors often claim that these coffeehouses are the best on the entire continent; they are also located within walking distance of many stunning historical buildings including the world-renowned Rubaga Cathedral and the sacred Kasubi Tombs. In addition, Kampala is extremely cheap to explore with accommodation starting at a mere $10 US a night. It is for these reasons and many others that Kampala is a highly recommended destination for travellers of all levels of experience.

Kampala also acts as a gateway to the rest of Uganda as upon leaving the capital many travellers immediately venture to the two most beautiful and well-known lakes of Uganda, Lake Victoria, and Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Victoria is known for its exceptional national beauty and is home to almost 100 small islands the majority of which comprise the idyllic and easily accessible Ssese archipelago. Uganda is often considered as a destination solely for adventurous travellers but when you are peacefully laid back on a hammock on Bugala Island watching as the sun sets over Lake Victoria, nothing could be further from the truth.

This beautiful and relaxing can also be found in neighbouring lake Bunyonyi, known for its magnificent swimming locations and serene natural beauty which would not look out of place in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Indeed with its sweeping panoramic views and the enchanting backdrop of misty terraced hills lake Bunyoni is one of the most magnificent locations in the world.

This is not to say that Uganda is all about relaxation though as adventurous travellers have many options open to them such as white water rafting in the famous Nile and hiking through the rugged trails of Uganda’s famous national parks. Uganda is internationally renowned for its wildlife as it possesses an abundance of Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Elephants, Wildebeest, Buffalo, and Zebra.

All of these animals and more can be found in the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park which is also home to a number of high quality yet economical travel lodges including the Kyambura game lodge which is famous for its roaming elephants. In addition, many safari expeditions either begin at or are located near these lodges making them an ideal part of any trip and a beautiful addition to the wondrous natural beauty which is so intrinsic to the Ugandan nation.

Thus it can be seen that Uganda is a nation of great beauty and culture and is indeed the beating heart of East Africa. With its vast natural splendour, idyllic islands, and bustling cities it is a truly splendid nation which is well worth a long visit.

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