Jamie Willson May 30, 2018

Nonprofit event planning is one practice that carries along a special kind of stress. Fundraisers who are based in Dover DE agree that one has to find adequate finances to take care of the costs of event as well as other anticipated costs. When it comes to the donor acknowledgment dinners, it should be ensured […]

Jamie Willson May 24, 2018

When you are planning your wedding reception, you want to ensure that the music you choose will be the perfect blend of you and your partner.  What genre do you two prefer?  Do you like country, pop music or rock-n-roll? Or a little bit of it all?  What music do your guests prefer?  Are  your […]

Jamie Willson March 28, 2018

Expert Jancis Robinson and her contemporaries know that temperature variations pose serious risks to wines. The cooler that any wine is kept, the slower it develops and so the quality is better. It will take longer to spoil too. Heat speeds up the maturing process. When you are hosting an event in which wine needs […]

Jamie Willson November 18, 2017

The subject of event planners is something that you would have heard from most of the clients. This brings us to the question on why there is a need to hire an event organizer  when we can conduct the event ourselves. Yes, agreed for a small family where the guest list is limited it would be […]