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Journeys on Indian Railways are truly mesmerizing.  It is the best way to experience India-especially its diverse cultures and varying terrains. However, to book your ticket and secure a seat you like on a train is quite a tough proposition.

The facilities like RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) and WL (Waiting List) are helping people to get tickets at the last minute. But this means you need to keep track of Indian Railway Inquiry, especially inquiry of PNR status. This is to find out whether your ticket and seat have been confirmed or not. Here is some information on PNR Inquiry, if you are new to the scene.

PNR refers to Passenger Name Record. The status of your train booking will be indicated by your PNR, at any specific time. Status of PNR may differ from WL to RAC to Confirmed. PNR number is a completely random number. The first three digits of the PNR number refer to the PSR (Passenger Reservation System) of the Indian Railways by which tickets have been booked. The rest of the 7 digits are generated randomly.

The PNR status can be checked anytime using the PNR number indicated on your ticket. Many times, it is quite possible that there are no confirmed seats on the train of your choice. In such a situation, you can choose to reserve a ticket in Waiting List or RAC. By this, you can place your hopes on the future confirmation of your ticket.

In case you are new to the Indian Railways, you might get confused with the reservation system. Your first option may be to get assistance from the PNR Inquiry counter. But you may also be exploring online means to check the status of your ticket. So, it is crucial to know where and how to find PNR number. Note that PNR number is composed of 10 digits which are specified on all tickets, without any connection to its status.

 If you have purchased the ticket from the ticket counter, you will find the PNR number on top of the left-hand side of the ticket. This will be under the heading -PNR number. Else, if you have done online purchase of railway ticket, the PNR number features at the centre of the topmost line. You simply cannot check the status of your ticket without this PNR number.

It is certainly a good habit to ascertain PNR status before embarking on a train journey. This is particularly when your tickets were not confirmed in the first place. PNR status provides you alternatives to a confirmed booking. You can check these with ease at the Railways Inquiry window.

In case, you need fast and reliable information on PNR status; you can use private travel websites like IXIGO. The PNR tracker on such sites will help you ascertain the status of your PNR. All that is required is to check your ticket and take note of the 10 digit PNR number. Now, enter the PNR number in a given box and click on the legend – ‘Get PNR’. Within seconds, you will get PNR status.

Finding PNR status is only a part of the work. You also need to understand the details displayed. In case, you get a status of ‘Confirmed’ against the PNR number; you can confidently undertake the journey. In case number says ‘RAC’ or ‘WL’, it implies your ticket is not yet confirmed. RAC and WL status will include a number. As the tickets of the train get cancelled, you will move ahead in this number series.

These are some aspects about PNR number.

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