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Barcelona is a beautiful city in the country of Spain. It is known the most for football team FC barcelona but the city has much more that just a football team. Spain is the capital of the largest city Catalonia and harbours multiple worth visiting spaces. Spain is a country known for attracting loads of travellers and tourists every year and Barcelona is one of them. You will be amazed to see the beauty and the innumerable options that are available in the city. It is the ideal holiday spot for almost every person who is looking for a getaway from their monotonous day to day life. Check out these must-see spots of Barcelona.

  • Camp Nou

The camp Nou is known to be the best stadium in entire Europe and this is the reason why loads of people gather to admire this aesthetic spot. This spot is visited by even the ones who are not huge fans of Barca. Visiting a city like Barcelona where Football is much more than just a sport and not visiting the stadium is something that none would advise you to do. Therefore, you should definitely consider visiting camp nou. 

  • Park Guell

Barcelona is a city which is known for the unending hustle and bustle, visiting a place like the Park Guell is something extremely peaceful. It is the perfect escape from the daily dullness of life offering some extremely amazing views of the mediterranean and the Barcelona skyline. The park is full of beautiful sceneries and bountiful spectrum of colors. 

  • Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is yet another beautiful treat to your eyes and is world heritage site based upon UNESCO. The casa Batllo that we see today isn’t the original one, it instead is a revamped version by the designer Gaudi. Apart from that it has been refurbished multiple times. Every time it has been worked upon it has only moved towards betterment. 

  • The beaches

Beaches of the Barcelona are quite famous due to the high amount of traffic that it welcomes every year. There is no point in visiting Barcelona without getting the that perfect tan from the beaches of the Barcelona. There is an unreal feel associated with the beaches of Barcelona and therefore, a majority of tourists of Barcelona are drawn towards the same due to the beaches. 

  • Bunkers del Carmel

Bunkers del carmel is 262 metres tall in height and provides an entire 360 degree view of the city. There are multiple things about this place that attracts visitors including the picturesque view of the city. This site was built during the spanish civil war and is an old military base. You can board a metro to reach the bunkers and enjoy the amazing view.

These are the few places where you must visit if you wish to explore the best places of Barcelona. In order to visit any place in the given list or any other place in Barcelona you can depend upon airport transfers Barcelona for a luxurious and comfortable travel.

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