The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life. Steady your backpack and set out for an enthralling adventure to the valley of Manali in Himachal Pradesh nestled on the Himalayan high altitude. Situated at the northern end of the Kullu valley, Manali is the gateway to the adventure paradise of treks, hikes, skiing and white water rafting. Experience the beauty of nature in its truest form amidst slow clad mountains, beautiful falls, hotsprings and the restless river guarded by the Himalayan spruce trees.

Get Set Rolling on Adventure

The reverberation of life is an adventure and what better than gliding, trekking and rafting up above the sea level 2050 meters high in Manali. Paragliding across the open spaces, zorbing through the Solang valley and rolling down the hill on a giant plastic ball are the unforgettable experiences you can gather on your trip to Manali. Beat the cold and chilly air by immersing into the warm hot sulphur springs at Manikaran.

Make the long walks thrilling with a trek to the Hampta pass and dip into the freezing water as you race raft through the Beas River. Try out the pulsating river crossing adventure sport at Bhang and Aleo. Get set ready for a rocky adventure with mountain climbing and rappelling in Nehru Kund and Kothi.

Take in the beauty of nature with the jeep safari as you drive through the mountain interstates from Manali to Rohtang Pass. Skii across the snow-clad valley or zoom off in style over a 2km. long stretch on the snow scooters.

Bite Right 

Experience the real essence of travelling with Manali tour packages as they take you on a journey of discovering wholesome and delectable local cuisines. When at Manali don’t miss the traditional elaborate fare called Dham a meal typical to Himachal Pradesh weddings. It includes curry, curd, and sweetened rice among other things.

The red rice in Manali grows locally and has a beautiful nutty flavour, try it out for lunch with kidney beans and saag for a hearty meal. Try the Khatta which is a unique blend of pumpkin, dry mango powder, and crisp boondi. Enjoy the spicy mutton curry with sidua soft dough bread. Chana Madra and Babrus are other local dishes.  Savour the popular river Trout available across many cafes and restaurants in Manali.

Entertainment and Hippie Extravaganza 

Manali tour packages aim at delivering experiences and adventures coupled with exciting entertainment. If you plan to visit Manali in end February doesn’t miss out on the Lossar festival which is a beautiful presentation of folk tradition. For tattoo enthusiasts old Manali is the hub for funk, rock, and roll.

Cafes with live music and open fire pits are common in Manali. Visit Manu market in Mall Road for handloom items and second hand imported goods. Pick up some Apple/ Lingad pickle from the local markets and visit the Tibetan market for buying exciting handicrafts and wooden items. For souvenirs, bohemian jewellery and hippie style clothing visit the Old Manali markets.

Visit this Himalayan snow-capped valley cradled amidst the patches of emerald deodar pine forests. Manali promises a breath-taking adventure experience amidst the serene beauty of nature.

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