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Travelling to Delhi and wondering where to stay? Here are some tips to consider while choosing to book a budget hotel that won’t be too heavy on your wallet. Read on to find out more.

India is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world, and New Delhi tops the list of spots for tourists. While Delhi is a fairly expensive city; to enjoy a decent holiday in the capital city, you don’t have to pay through your nose by staying in premium hotels. Homestays, budget hotels, and guest houses are becoming the norm nowadays. However, there are few ground rules that you must follow to ensure safety and convenience when you book a budget hotel. Let’s look at them.

  1. Safety Comes First:

Whether you are a female traveller or a male traveller, you should be particularly vigilant of the hotel you are staying in. Make sure you read reviews of the hotels before booking to ensure safety and comfort. Also, while staying in a budget hotel, there are few do’s and don’ts to follow.  Make sure you keep your valuables safely locked in your suitcase/bag when you go out. Do not let anyone enter the room unless you have called the staff or room service.

  1. Look for Bundled Packages:

Most leading travel portals offer packages and special offers when you book flights hotels together. This can be used to get extra discounts on your stay in Delhi and choose a better-quality stay option at the price of a budget hotel. Thus, when you are looking for Goa Delhi Flights, Mumbai Bangalore flights or any other flights, also look for package options to the destination city and maximise your savings while enhancing your convenience.

  1. Pay Attention to the Hygiene:

Whether you have booked the hotel online or at the reception counter, always check out the toilets, room, and the bed before checking into the room to ensure that they are clean and hygienic. Stay away from carpeted rooms. Budget hotels may not have the equipment to clean them regularly, and they are a perfect breeding ground for germs. While most budget hotels are quite hygienic, do consider carrying your own bed-sheet, pillow-covers, and towels if you are doubtful of the hygiene aspect.

  1. Ratings and Reviews Say a Lot:

Always go for a reputed budget hotel that has good ratings. When checking ratings and reviews, pay attention to the credibility of the ratings too. Some travel websites take ratings from other well-known travel sites, which ensure they are credible. Also, look at the number of ratings or reviews.  For instance, a 4-star score from 1000+ reviews is much more trustworthy than a 5-star rating from just about 100 reviews or less.

  1. Go for a Reputed Brand

While standalone budget-stay options are great too, going for a chain ensures you can be sure of the quality and safety. Budget hotel chains like Ginger Hotels, Oyo Rooms, Treebo, and others are quite popular in Delhi, and offer comfortable budget stay options to travellers.

Budget hotels have truly become the savers for those looking for affordable options to stay. So, start planning your trip to Delhi, smartly search for the hotels, and have fun while still being on a budget.

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