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The sweet decadence of a soft, moist cake can make any heart melt. However, baking one not only requires skills but also a lot of patience and time which often becomes quite hard for us to spare given our busy schedules. But, that does not mean you cannot spoil your loved ones with some yummy, sugary goodness. There are quite a few online shops which can come to your rescue. The sell excellent cakes and also deliver them to any doorstep you want. Sending cake to Pakistan can be done from anywhere  whether inside or outside the country. We have listed a few cake options for every occasion.

Valentine’s Day

This day of love cannot pass without something sweet to fill your hearts and tummies. Ditch your box of chocolates and buy your love a rich chocolate cake. You may choose a cake in the shape of a heart which will make your lover’s beat faster. If your loved one is not quite into chocolates, then, you can try a strawberry cake. The beautiful, pink colour and the berry flavour is sure to win their hearts.


Well, you can never really have a birthday without a cake (at least). While chocolate is always a favourite among kids, you can go for a stunningly decorated fruit cake instead when it comes to an adult’s birthday. The added fruits will definitely tone down your guilt while the calorie monsters make their way into your belly. However, you can hardly ever beat the classic black forest cake. If this is confusing you, here’s a tip – order two different cakes of small sizes to have the best of both worlds and also give you guests some option. If it is a birthday of a young member, then, make sure to order a cake with bright, colourful and fun decorations. You can also search for cakes which incorporate their favourite animated character in its decoration.

Mother’s Day

We can never celebrate and show enough gratitude to our mother’s in a single day. True, but that doesn’t mean we are letting it pass without making her feel special ! Surprise her with a delightful cake in her favourite flavour. Or go out of the box and buy her a cheesecake with berry toppings.

You can go for cakes with flower patterns on them which is a signature for Mother’s day. If your mom likes bags or make-up then you can even opt for cakes which maintain a theme of the same. Do not forget to write a little message on top of the cake to make it extra special.

Father’s Day

How can we ignore our dear fathers while we celebrate our lovely moms ! For the purpose of Father’s day you can opt for cakes which has an interesting fondant work on it like a “super dad” cake. Our dads are no less than any superhero, right ? You can keep it simple too with a clean square shaped design with little details on top. If your father is a coffee addict (or even not) you can go for a delicious coffee cake. Go for fancier yet subtle flavours like caramel, mango or vanilla as they are more appealing to mature taste buds.

So now you can go online and pick a few cakes and keep them in your shopping cart and wait for the right event to arrive. Make sure to choose a shop which offers free cake delivery Pakistan to save those extra bucks.

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