As a woman, your love for footwear stands perfectly correct as there is so much to explore. Sandals, stilettos, wedges, flats and the list goes on. Footwear with women works best as there is a wide variety to try out. Another segment in this regard is chappals for womens. Yes, today chappals (slippers) for women are available in a host of colors, designs and serve a lot many purposes.  Let’s look below at some of the popular types of chappals that you ladies can buy online.

Comfort home chappals

As you take of those heels and put them away at home, comforting slippers are all that you can think. Chappals designed to be worn at home are usually made with soft foam base. As you slide them on, you will feel the ease and calm they bring to your feet. These slippers can be worn around the house, in the bedroom etc. Today, a lot many designs come with added fur, bows, sequins etc to make the chappals look fashionable yet comfy.

Bathroom Chappals 

People often mistake their bedroom and home slippers with bathroom slippers. While home slippers can be worn anywhere in the house, they are not necessarily anti slip. However, bathroom slippers for women are anti slip and avoid slipping on the wet floor. They are well-suited for wet bathroom tiles and provide support and grip to the feet. Also, these slippers are water proof and have more longevity when exposed to water. So the next time you are looking for bathroom slippers, check for these qualities.

Casual wear chappals

Thinking of stepping out in your slippers? Make sure you buy the correct pair. You don’t want to be seen around the market wearing your bathroom slippers or your bedroom chappals. To avoid this faux pas, make sure you always buy separate casual chappals. You will find a number of designs when you look for chappals for womens. The part of the slippers that holds the feel is usually sleeker in design and these chappals can be worn with dresses, denims or any type of casual wear. The sole of such outdoor chappals is also different as there is added height or some layering added. Thus, these outdoor chappals can easily replace your home and bathroom slippers to be worn outside in true fashion. A little sole in these chappals help you walk easily and your feet don’t hurt because of excessive flatness.

Apart from the above categories you can find slippers for women designed for orthopedic or medical purposes. Many people are advised to wear a certain type of chappals that work in healing foot ailments, especially arthritis. One can easily walk around in these chappals and they help infuse good blood flow. Thus, chappals for women are no longer limited to basic types. There is a whole lot to explore and buy from. Just slide them on and take care of those happy feet!

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