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lingerie trends

Who does not want to look their best? In fact everyone desires to look good and presentable irrespective of their size or age and this for ages has been every human’s innate desire. Looking good and confident helps one in feeling good about them.  Fashion and lingerie trends are close to one another. There are numerous women the world over who possess the eternal passion of slipping on lingerie as per the latest fashion trends. In fact they choose a trend just by watching their favourite celebrities. In fact they necessarily wear lingerie which definitely makes a noteworthy impact when it comes to their appearance. Currently the fashion world is truly buzzing with latest lingerie trends.

Lingerie collections for summer 2014 are coming with frills, lace and girly stuff. All females will look just gorgeous in it. Frills indeed are adding up a good sex appeal to a woman’s entire looks to woo her man. A plethora of fashion houses are introducing innovative and new lingerie designs for adding flare to a woman’s charms. In fact the worldwide lingerie industry has over the years expanded and developed with the launch of modern, sophisticated lingerie fashion. Also known as female undergarments, lingerie are wide ranging while its associated terms are as follows,

·         Exotic lingerie

·         Corsets

·         Chemises

·         Camisoles

·         Cami garter belt

·         Bustiers, bustier sets

·         Bras

·         Body stockings

·         Bikinis-swimwear

·         Baby doll lingerie

·         Thongs

·         Sleepwear

·         Petticoats

·         Panties

·         Lingerie teddies

·         Lingerie slips

·         Leather lingerie

·         Hosiery

·         Girdles- body shapers

·         Garter belts

The lingerie market in the 21st century had been driven with the advent of latest technologies and modern fabrics like statin dresses  which are helping to design innovative and appealing products such as evening dresses online and  moulded and laser-cut seamless bras. Fashion designers are putting good emphasis on sophisticated fabrics, more daring and brighter colours, embroideries and laces. Those days have gone by when females wore undergarments merely for necessity sake. Today, even a small lingerie piece is considered a mark of fashion. Owing to this the lingerie market at present is filled with fashionable stuff. Manufacturers and designers have come up with variegated styles and designs for catering the fashion perspectives and needs of women. Most fashion savvy females look for style and comfort together no matter even if this is about bras and panties. This is due to the fact that these intimate wear carry ample sexual appeal which occupies a significant place in the current modern world. They also to some extent aid to entice her beloved on bed.

Modern women nowadays however have proven that to appear sexy includes both feeling sexy as well as looking sexy. Feeling good about the body definitely is crucial to uphold the confidence and dignity of every female. The latest lingerie trends show women are buying more of sensual, dark colours which comprises of violet, wine, grey, green and navy blue. As black is slimming it will always be in trend. Lace, satin and cotton are the top 3 selling fabrics. Bras these days are also accessible in different types and styles of which transparent and push up bra are the most loved by contemporary women.

Cotton, satin and lace will be the top selling fabrics. These days, bras are available in various styles and types. Push up bra and transparent bra is the most popular types of bra that are used by many women.

Lingerie is not necessarily about bringing out a woman’s beauty because all women are already beautiful in their own right. It is about bringing out a woman’s confidence to make her feel sensuous.

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