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Families have become really delicate about their friendships and social circle. They try to stay close to their loved ones. But if you think that you are close to your friends and you are not visiting him or her in months or nor even talking to them quite often then you might be pushing them away yourself. Are you one of those who rarely pick phones? Have you ever done something like a person close to you called you to talk to you but you said you are busy and drop the call?

Well, hang on; you have to watch out for your actions. It is important that you do something about it. If someone has called you, they have taken out some time for you. They like you or love you that are why they are spending their precious minutes on you. You cannot be rude to them. If you continue to be the same; you might end up with an empty life. While meeting the office deadlines and in the journey of impressing your seniors; don’t leave your friends and loved ones behind.

Even if your friends and loved ones live in another city like Dehradun; it won’t be a problem. You can send flowers to dehradun or any other place you desire. This way, even if you don’t have the time to visit them, you can actually send them some flowers to make their special day. If it is your friend’s birthday and he is sad because you haven’t met him for years; it is the right time that you send him a bouquet and make him feel special. Such a bouquet is going to make him feel loved and charmed.

The same is the case with parents. Talking about parents, you often take your parents for granted. Don’t forget that they are growing old too. If you are busy in your office tasks and feel that you can’t take out time to visit them or celebrate their special days with them; it is okay. At least you can show them that you care and love them. You can send them a refreshing bouquet of red roses with a beautiful message. Allow them to enjoy the love and warmth right from there.

People can always come up for the excuses because that is the easiest way. Thechallenge is to do the things that are needed. You are not being told to give time or spare moments for random people; you are told to spare time for the ones who have always stood by your side. Your parents have always helped you during darks and lights. So, make sure that you are not leaving them unattended or neglected. When your beautiful flowers can bring a smile on their face; what else you can ask for? It is okay your parents understand that you are stuck in your office tasks but you should listen to the unspoken feelings of your growing parents.

So, just take some time out and think about your loved ones. You are nobody in the absence of your parents and your dear ones. If they are not there; you are going to feel hollow sooner or later!

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