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Real Estate is not only belongs to buying and selling of properties, but also related to the construction of buildings. The construction of building includes two phases, construction work and the finishing work. Laying foundation, building construction and installing the roofing belongs to construction work whereas flooring, painting, plumbing, furnishing and the wiring belongs to the finishing work. Before starting construction of buildings, planning should be done. Planning includes the calculation of estimation and fixing your budget. The estimation should be done according to your budget. Sometimes the cost of budget will rise due to some reasons such as increase in cost of constructing materials or other machinery equipments. This can be avoided by continuously following the market news for the updated price of above materials. Also you should be well known about the cost of transportation of these materials. Some of the factors you want to follow while constructing a building is explained below.

Foundation should be laid first. Foundation should be done such that it is strong enough to keep the building because it is the vital part of the building. Foundations are playing an important role in preventing the buildings from external environmental factors. They transmit the load of the building to the ground. Thus it prevents the building from dead and imposed loads and keeps the stability of the building. Some type of soils is not suitable for foundation. Black cotton soil is one such type. They are expansive in nature, which causes cracks in the ground. Shallow foundation is better to construct in such soils. Piling can be done if required.

After laying foundation and constructing the building, roofing should be done. Roofs are playing an important role in keeping the water out. It prevents from damage and other problems to the building by repelling the water and directed it to suitable way.  For roofing the colder regions, we want to make sure that whether the roof deck is an adhesive and impermeable membrane whereas in hotter regions it is better to construct asphalt shingle or hip roof which prevents the heat from entering the house.

Finally finishing work should be done. Finishing work includes flooring, furnishing, wiring and painting works. Flooring should be done such that it blends with other fixtures of room. You can select same type of marbles or granite for the covering of whole area of house except bathrooms. Bathrooms should be floored with tiles. The tile on floors of bathroom should blends with other fixtures. You can use any latest fixtures to give the bathroom a fresh look.

Furnishing the home is the next step. Curtain, bed sheet, carpet, mat, chair, table and bed are the materials used for furnishing. You can use traditional or classic type furnishing technique. Theme designing can be done. It means that selecting same color of furniture for the interior materials. Kitchens should be made such that it contains enough space to place the gas stove, dishes, plates and other cooking materials. You can make cabinets inside the room. Each cabinet should be designed for each specific purpose such as placing dishes, plates, tins etc.

Wiring should be done carefully. Safety is the factor we want to consider for wiring. It is better to contact any electrical consultant for wiring works rather than doing yourself. Also plumbing should be done with the advice taken from a professional plumber.

Painting is done during the finishing work of construction of building. The painting color should be selected according to the type of rooms. The exterior part of the building should be painted with colors that suit the house. Also take care on selecting the painting color for interior walls. The selection of paints for exterior and interior walls should be different. Two coats should be done for exterior walls. Painting should be done after cleaning the walls. Primer should be coated first, then the primary and the secondary coating is done. The bedrooms should be painted with light colors. Similarly the drawing hall is painted with light color. You can give contract work or appointing labor for painting. The best way is giving contract work for painting. This will reduce your stress.

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