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Real estate is a dynamic industry and when it comes to taking up job in this industry, you need to know how to showcase your qualities, strengths, and skills effectively. Executive search firms and hiring managers have confirmed that those executives who are looking for ajob in real estate are not selected for interview level because of a poor resume. A resume that is not engaging and highlights your key selling points will never make it the interview desk. You will not only waste your time on applying with a poor resume but also tarnish your reputation in your industry.

Here are some tips that will help you to write a good resume for real estate executive jobs and will also give you success with real estate executive search.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

An organisation that is hiring is looking for a solution to a problem. To explain it further, an organisation has requirements in which they want the candidates to fit in. if you do a little homework, you can find out what their need is. Once you find out the need, it is your task to show that how you can solve the problem or fill in the position that is being offered. You must state how you managed similar problems in your last job. Put up all your unique achievement while you were performing similar jobs like the ones that were mentioned in the description of the vacancy.

Tweak Your Resume

This is one of the crucial steps that is avoided by many candidates. Every real estate industry is different and each employer might have adifferent requirement. Although you might have a wide range of skills, your employer might be focusing on a few. You need to tweak your resume to match what the recruiter is looking for.

Avoid Baseless Jargon

Real estate sector is all about accomplishments that are qualified. You should avoid making general claims. Rather it is a good idea to put a document on your resume that quantifies your accomplishments and also sells your skills and strengths that you have portrayed in your bio. You must bring the spotlight to all the specific achievements that make you a suitable candidate for the job.

Make it Industry Specific

Generalisation of aresume is one of the common mistakes which proves to be detrimental for one’s career. Although all resumes look similar, the format, layout, style, fonts, etc. are different for adifferent industry. There certain resume designs that can prove to be a turn off for recruiters in real estate industry. Apart from that, you need to ensure that your resume is grammatically correct, error-free, clean and written in crisp and engaging manner.

You must avoid putting any irrelevant information on anexecutive resume for ajob in real estate. It is also a good idea to replace your objective section with career summary and also bring your experience to theforefront.

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