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High-quality and sturdy apartment complexes require seamless innovation and effort in designing. Global development of apartments heightened more than ever but only a few offers the competitive-edge when multi-residential design.

Still, what makes apartment living high-quality? Is it aesthetics such as brightness and innovative design or ample space for maximum comfort? Only exterior don’t typify beauty but features such as ventilation, large windows, balconies and a more adjustable climate throw uniqueness.

An apartment that inspires you to make friends and enjoy natural sunlight, here’re a few design trends to adopt in 2018, promising you get what your heart desire! Before going further, a word of favour should be added for a company that deals in apartments for rent in Dubai, for providing such useful information.

A context-friendly apartment

Among the many different types of apartments, specific characteristics of the place and overall setting (combination of interior and exterior factors) helps in determining the most appropriate design and development.

  1. Narrow infill apartments are best for deep and narrow lots keeping the overall design fit for maximum privacy and less bothersome for neighbours.
  2. Row apartments can easily cope in suburban and urban setting being modular, highly adaptable and responds well to the slanting sites. They’re especially good for smaller constructs, the street makeup, reinforcement of the building patterns and existing units, landscape sites and keep the natural setting intact such as trees and shrubbery.
  3. Shop tops best fit with the main streets and centres that facilitates highly active commercial fronts, retails and pedestrian activities. Such development is preferred with increased residential use and zero setback or perhaps a little of sidewall boundary and access to rear lane.
  4. Courtyard apartments adapts well to different sizes, slopes, sites, contexts and orientations.
  5. Perimeter blocks suits well to the urban setting, usually integrating to the street blocks. The development is welcomed when street edge needs a definition, coping with high urban density, encourage less active fronts with only few commercial or retail options.
  6. Tower apartments like their name accumulate perfectly to major city centres, renewed metropolises and central business districts. This is because the areas are already dense with a line of similar constructs, requiring greater density which suits to the need.
  7. Hybrid developments are multipurpose per their use that can be a combination of communal facilities, commercial and retail purpose. The apartment living can conveniently respond to the change and adopts the environment without a conflict. These are best suited for large sites that welcome modification to the building form and scale with the immediate surroundings.

An apartment that;

  1. Adjusts to the status quo

A micro-housing apartment complex which, for instance, comprises 120-square foot units and boasts chic design is perfect for young and single couples. These units can easily adjust to the relationship status of the dwellers means you can conveniently restructure the interior with any change to the status quo.

  1. Encourages friendship

Another example can be of high-rise apartment complex that can be rented to mini communities thereby encouraging social bonding. With shared facilities such as courtyards, dining area and balconies, tenants no longer feel isolated from the immediate neighbours, fosters social interaction and develops a lasting friendship.

  1. Offers best views

Apartment living is heightened when it provides the best views of immediate surrounding especially if the project’s amidst natural setting. The swaying trees, calm and cool breeze, chirping of the birds and natural sunlight in the morning enthuses healthy and happy lifestyle.

  1. Provides seamless in-and-outdoor living space

The best example to cite here is of Meydan City, Dubai, built to give an open-quality approach for each apartment. Internal living areas reach out to large balcony with window walls whereas patterned glass-screens give the building visually appealing aesthetics and privacy to the dwellers.

  1. Let’s you enjoy sunrise & sunset alike

Then there’s another exemplary development of an 80-storey tower, powered completely by solar panels and wind turbines. Each floor’s made of apartments that circulate to the voice command that can last to three hours consecutively so you get to enjoy both sunrise and sunset at its fullest.


Find an apartment living that you can actually enjoy by adopting to the cool, new and innovative design trends.

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