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Though driving conditions are getting better day by day, it doesn’t imply that one never has to drive off-road. But what do we mean when we say off-road driving? Not every time, it could be a deliberate choice of driving through rough terrains just for fun or adventure. Still there can be certain times or places, where smooth driving conditions are denied. Such conditions too come under off-road driving.

It could be low quality roads in the country side or a broken road after rains, it could be the winding ways around the steep mountains or a drive through the sandy desert. According to the NJ Genesis dealer though the conditions differ hugely from each other, the way to deal with each of them have something in common. And that is the motif of reaching your destination safely, through proper, and clever driving tricks.

Slow but Steady Driving:

Remember the age-old proverb ‘slow but steady wins the race’? If not on racing tracks, but this proverb gets literally true while off-road driving. When you don’t know the area ahead, and driving through a difficult terrain, driving slower, would save your life. As you don’t know what is awaiting you a few yards later, only slow driving can gift you some time in hand to be prepared for it.

Concentrating on the Road:

As the road is less under your control, you need to have more of it on the vehicle. In other words. off-road driving asks for rapt attention through the journey and a little bit of unmindful drive can claim huge cost. Cell phones, music and any other distraction should be kept away till you get back on the normal traffic lanes.

Usage of Low RPM:

One of the best trick to remember while driving off-road area is keeping the gear low at an optimal speed. Unless you drive a steep upslope or need to get out of a sticky mud, the engine RPM should be lying low.

Avoid Changing Gear:

One of the most common mistakes done while off road driving is trying to change the gear when the car is stuck in a puddle or sand. On the contrary one should learn about the use of gears while undergoing the driving lessons and remember to implement them properly during a crisis situation.

Simultaneously it is important to see that the gearbox don’t get shifted to the higher mode while trying to overcome an obstacle and the same should be followed to let it get shifted to the lower gear too.

Locking Differential:

Locking Differential is a technical term in driving which is also popularly known as “diff lock,” that refers to the speed of the wheels in which it turns. As informed by the Genesis dealer NJ in most of the latest standard 4×4 models like Genesis G80 or G90, the wheels are observed to spin at different speeds to take control of the vehicle in uneven terrains. So, the driver gets a better chance to come out of the difficult situation.

Summing Up

These are the basic ways to survive through off-road driving conditions and remain unstuck.

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