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Nowadays we are all exposed to various kinds of diseases which can prove fatal in the short term also. There are lots of hazardous substances present in the environment which have a very hazardous impact on our body. The deadly diseases show such mild symptoms at its initial stages that it becomes way more difficult to be tracked without any medical checkups.

Later on when we go for a medical checkup when there appear some health ailments, then the diseases get tracked ad in those times recovery from the diseases become very difficult. A brain tumour is such a deadly disease. A brain tumour is a collection of some abnormal cells in the brain. The brain tumours are majorly categorized into two main categories, and those are:

The malignant brain tumour which causes cancer and the other one is the benign brain tumour that does not cause cancer. Further on the basis of the location of the tumors they are categorized into two types: The first is the primary brain tumor in which the brain tumor is originated in the brain and the second one is the secondary tumor which is caused when the cancer cells spread from the other part of the body to the brain. Make sure that you choose the best brain tumor surgery hospital in India to undergo surgery.

What causes the brain tumors?

Though the cause of the tumors is still not exactly been understood, the researchers tried to figure out the overall cause of the brain tumors. According to them, the cells of a human body function as directed by the codes of the DNA and the DNA are the hereditary elements that are passed from one generation to another.

Thus the chances of acquiring cancer genetically are at the maximum, and there are other sources of acquiring cancer too. Nowadays there are many hazardous substances present in the environment, and it is very easy to acquire any diseases.

How are the tumors diagnosed?

Several things have to be done to be sure of being diseased with brain tumors. The very first thing is a physical exam which also includes a brief exam of neurology. There will also be an eye examination using an ophthalmoscope. This would give an idea to the doctor about the functioning of the pupils. The doctor can also check if there is any swelling in the optic nerve.

When pressure is created inside the skull, the color of the optic nerve also changes. The kind of treatment you are to undergo depends on several factors. If there is a surgery recommended by the doctors, then one must choose the best brain tumor surgery hospital in India so that there is a minimum chance of an unsuccessful operation. After the physical exam, there are other tests too like the CT scans, MRIs, x-rays of the head.

The very first thing that is to be taken care of is, always stay positive regarding the recovery from the disease. When you yourself develop positive spirits, then recoveries are way easier.

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