Dandruff and hair fall

Hair fall is one of the major problem that is faced by men and women in a worldwide aspect. It is very much a serious problem because hair is one of the most important element of the human body. Not only for the show of the human body it also acts as the protective covering of the scalp protecting the scalp form the external agents. That might hurt the body or cause some of the infections. So hair is very much important for the human body. Along with that it also helps in maintaining the body temperature and retains the body in its natural temperature. So if all the hair gets shred off from the body problem will appear for sure. One of the most important factor for this hair fall is the dandruff. Dandruff looks like the white flakes that appears on the scalp.  In the starting phase of the dandruff it causes a very itchy type of sensation and causes a lot of irritation on the scalp. In some cases it also causes a lot of other troubles like that of the smell in the scalp. The reason behind this appearance of this dandruff is still not known. But the fact is that if once appears it does not goes easily.

Anti-Fungal agents for skin problem

Like the anti-biotics we have different anti-fungal agents too. Because there are a lot fungus that causes a lot of infection in the body. They mainly adhere to the skin of the body for shelter as well as for food so that they can draw nutrition from the secretion of the body. And just because of the fact that the fungus’s are very much similar to the human beings as both of them belong to the eukaryotic system they are very much difficult to treat and they take a lot of time also for the cure and the treatment. However medicines are present that cures the problems. Dandruff is a similar kind of problem that happens due to the fungal infection mainly. Ketoconazole is a very common anti-fungal agents that is regularly prescribed by the doctors for the treatment of this dandruff. This particular anti-fungal agent is also very much effective too. It is found either in the form of the tablets or in the form of the cream and the also in the form of the shampoo in case of the hair problems like the dandruff. It is readily available in the market.


The doctor always prescribe to wash the hair for both men and women regularly in particular so that dirt and the dust particles won’t be able to adhere in the scalp and the scalp remains free. Being hygienic also prevents this problem to come to the body.


Otherwise if the problem s starts showing there is a solution to it too. Ketomac anti dandruff shampoo is a very common medicated shampoo that gives perfect protection against the problem of the dandruff.

Consulting doctors

Although doctors should be consulted before the using these kind of medicated shampoo as they will analyze better than us.

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