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When posed the question what is an electronic cigarette or Vaping while pregnant is desired, I was in a dilemma. A little bit of research proved that electronic cigarettes are a growing sensation. A mere search on Google sprung up close to 6 million views on electronic cigarettes that revealit immense popularity.

Definition of electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette has been in existence for some time now. It is a better device that helps the users to quit smoking. It helps to reduce or quit smoking altogether. In modern times electronic cigarettes have gone on to become more appealing than the earlier versions whereby did not have a mass appeal. The mini version is around 100 mm in length that is pretty much similar to a conventional cigarette.

In an electronic cigarette you will come across a tinge of tobacco, but no traces of the harmful substances incorporated in regular cigarettes are found. The cravings for smoking are taken care off without inhaling the harmful toxins. Now the question is whether this item is a smoke or a mere cloud. Whether this item really works out to be a safe choice or not.

In fact it is a battery operated cigarette where an individual can hold on and inhale vapour. The mode of operation is similar to the lines of a regular cigarette as it glows towards the end. The chamber of nicotine proves to be beneficial as cartridges are available in varied lengths. It helps the users to reduce the amount of nicotine that they plan to intake or quit as per their wishes. The cartridge or nicotine lasts of the same time frame in the scenario of 15 to 20 cigarettes. In hindsight a considerable amount of savings in terms of cost is achieved. The strengths of the cartridge are standard, medium or high.

It may work out to be a healthy option, but trust me the benefits do not end there. Because of the fact that electronic cigarettes do not emit any type of smoke, it is perfectly ok to smoke in public in comparison to regular cigarettes. For example in winter months, you have to brave the smoke and head outside to smoke whereas, with an electronic cigarette you can site in your office and smoke in an easy manner. For the non-smokers they are also not worried as the passive impact of electronic cigarettes is pretty much on the lesser side. It would mean a much more social set up.

Upon careful analysis, it can be depicted that electronic cigarettes are a viable alternative to the traditional form of cigarettes. It does provide a mechanism where you can quit smoking. But you still got to understand that they do put nicotine in your body. In the true sense of the world smoking is a taboo and electronic cigarettes during pregnancy are a strict no. But still if you cannot leave the habit and thinking of switching to this form of cigarettes, seek the opinion of your health care provider.

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