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Water is the most important part of the human diet. It is a requisite for all bodily functions and an integral part of our body’s life system. Human blood comprises of an alarming level of water and that is the only way in which it can flow throughout the body, providing the required nutrients to various parts of the body. A slight mishap to the combination of water that is required for the human body might cause a grave imbalance and problem. That is why you should always drink 100% pure water.

When it comes to packaged drinking water, you are unsure of a lot of things like the location of purification, the type of transportation and various other things. This is why if you want to get the best and 100% reliable purification of water, you should get the best RO water purifier. RO water purifiers purify water right in front of you and let you know the level of purification as well. In order to get 100% reliable water, you should get a water purifier at your home and stop drinking packaged drinking water. Here are some facts about packaged drinking water that make it unreliable:

  1. Purification Techniques:

Each packaged drinking water supplier has huge industries that carry out the water purification process. There are containers that can store and purify more than 1000 Litres of water in one go. The water flows from one container to the other and different purification techniques are applied there. Due to the amount of water that is being purified, the techniques that are used are less effective as compared to when they are used in our home water purifiers that purify about 15 litres of water in an hour. There are checks for the water quality, but the quantity of water can give false readings from time to time. It is possible that the sample of water that is being tested is 100%, pure but the rest of the container has residual impurities.

  1. Container Cleanliness:

As purification and supply of water is a continuous process for these companies, it is highly unlikely that these 1000-litre containers are regularly cleaned. The sheer size of these containers would require a special machine for cleaning the entire thing and small companies generally don’t invest in such machinery. Even if companies have such machinery, this equipment consumes a ton of power, which is why usage is a little infrequent. This opens the possibility of impurities sticking to the container walls and coming with the water, thus making the water even more impure.

  1. Container Rusting:

All these containers are made of metal as the purification techniques require metal containers and metal is cheaper and readily available. Excess use and infrequent replacement of these containers lead to rusting from the inside. This rusting is because of corrosion of the inner walls due to moisture. When fresh water is poured in these containers, the rust is washed away with the pure water and the particles are fine, which is why they are undetectable. They are packaged and sent for drinking purposes just like that.

  1. Packaged Plastic Quality and Life:

The plastic that is used to package this drinking water could be of low quality, which makes water an easy target for external impurities. Once the seal is broken, the companies generally have a lifetime of water purity written on the packaged plastic as well. If the water isn’t consumed within those days, it is rendered impure. During these days, each day the impurity level of the water increases, which makes it less reliable with each passing day.

All these reasons show how packaged drinking water is not reliable. Therefore, if you want to drink 100% pure water, you should purchase a water purifier for your household.

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