Mothers are some of the hardest working people on the planet, and the job of raising a child isn’t anywhere near simple, straightforward, or something that follows a linear path.

The challenges of motherhood are similar to the challenges of starting a brand-new business from scratch, nurturing it every step of the way in helping it to find its footing in a brand-new world – giving mothers an advantage (a significant competitive advantage, at that) when it comes to success in the entrepreneurial world.

Here are five of the reasons that moms make great entrepreneurs!

Moms know how to work under pressure

Look, there isn’t all that much about motherhood that is easy or effortless. Moms are always working under the gun and under pressure, figuring out how to get their “customer” set up with everything that they need and making sure they are happy, safe, and protected at all times. All the while, their “customer” – their beautiful child – can become a tough customer at any point in time, throwing tantrums or curveballs at mothers left and right.

Moms definitely know how to work under pressure!

Moms have amazing negotiation skills

Think about how hard it is to sell a kid on eating vegetables when all they want is to eat ice cream or candy, finding different ways to go about selling them on the healthy benefits that vegetables bring to the table without boring them to death with information that they don’t care about or aren’t able to use while making candy and ice cream look like a pretty poor alternative.

If you can sell broccoli over ice cream to a five-year-old, your negotiation chops are going to translate in the business world!

Moms are incredibly creative and can crowdsource effortlessly

Young children finding their way in the world, exploring new adventures, and pushing boundaries are always going to require creative solutions to help them best navigate the world in front of them – and moms are usually right there, every step of the way, providing those creative solutions that help children at every turn.

On top of that, moms know how to crowdsource solutions. They aren’t shy about asking friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and even complete and total strangers for tips and tricks with their children. These are skills that translate to the business world, too.

Moms know how to put their ego aside

The most successful entrepreneurs are incredibly smart, very strategic, resourceful, and willing to work harder than everyone else – but they also know how to keep their ego in check, how to inspire people to help rather than push or scare them into doing their job, all in an effort to create incredible solutions and businesses they wouldn’t have been able to on their own.

Moms also know how to put their ego aside, how to put the well-being of their child first and foremost, and how to sacrifice for their child so that they are set up for success.

Moms know how to ride the emotional roller coaster

One of the things that moms and entrepreneurs have most in common is the emotional roller coaster that both groups go through on an almost daily basis.

Some days, parenthood and starting a business feels like the most exciting thing you’ve ever done before in your life and at other points in time it can be incredibly challenging, draining, and exhausting. Learning how to ride the emotional roller coaster without getting burnt out is a definite skill, and one that both of these top experts understand better than most!

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