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When seeking legal representation from a Divorce Attorney, one will soon realize that most attorneys  are going to be empathetic in their realization that your impending divorce proceedings are the most urgent matter in your life from the moment you decided to dissolve your nuptials and started searching for a prospective divorce attorney.

With this knowledge in mind, divorce attorney’s aim to meet each prospective customer and treat them as if they were a part of our legal team.  In all actuality, the client is a part of the legal team, because if it were not for the clients we would not have a team in which to fight for.  We would be a group of unemployed attorneys doing legal research on the computer in an empty office.

One must realize that when it comes to the laws involved in  Family Law, there is not one specific answer to every scenario.  Each client has their own emotional, financial, and possibly custodial concerns.   One thing attorney’s  have learned about practicing law is that it is not a perfect law.  The law, as with human beings, is a work in progress and that is why they call what attorneys do “practicing law.”

Divorce attorneys realize that there is one constant that is always the same with divorce proceedings, and that one constant is–divorce is draining emotionally and monetarily to everyone involved. Whenever possible our divorce attorney’s will attempt settling a case outside of the courtroom, as a way of minimizing the harsh reality of what’s occurring to the family, particularly if young children are involved.  One truth our divorce attorneys try to aim for is proving that a divorce case does not have to be a war zone—no matter if your case requires intense litigation, or it can be solved with mediation and a settlement offer.  Your divorce attorney will be with you every step of the way, to do whatever can be done to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

As a courtesy to potential clientele, the divorce attorneys sometimes prefer to meet for the initial consult in person, with two attorneys present, if available.  By doing a consult in person with more than one attorney it aids in trying to find the perfect meshing of personalities between client/attorney. Another advantage to having two attorneys present for the consultation is that both attorneys will learn the makeup of the case, though only one attorney will be the assigned counsel, the other attorney will be able to assist the client should they intercept a phone call when the assigned attorney is away.

 When we hear a potential client ask where they can find the best divorce attorney in Oregon the answer is a simple one—the best divorce attorney is going to be the attorney that can get you the desired outcome that you and your children will be able to live with.

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