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Domestic violence is gaining prominence in our society today.  Getting abused by your spouse is a heinous crime and you need to take legal actions to protect yourself.  Most often, it can be physical harm.  Sometimes, it may be behavioral such as making physical threats, stalking or harassment.  Domestic violence does not only happen in marriages, it also occurs in other types of relationships.  Furthermore, it leaves the victim emotionally distressed and traumatized.  This should not be happening in any way and if you are experiencing violence in your relationship, you should contact a domestic violence lawyer immediately.

A domestic violence lawyer can help the victim of domestic violence seek protection.  However, since the life of the victim may be at stake, it is important to know what the lawyer will do to keep them protected from further harm.  Here are some important questions you need to ask.

What assistance will the attorney provide? 

Many things have to be in place to ensure that the victim and his/her loved ones are safe and fully protected.  A domestic violence lawyer can assist the injured party in requesting a restraining order.  Furthermore, the lawyer can help victim obtain child custody, child support, divorce or and partition of property if the parties involved are legally married.  In addition, a domestic violence lawyer will ensure that the abuser faces the full wrath of the law in a criminal suit.  Keep in mind that only a few lawyers out there are willing to stick their neck out for you.  It is important to ask the lawyer the scope of representation provided.  That way, you will know whether or not he/she is the right one for you.

How much will this cost? 

In truth, availing the services of a lawyer is expensive.  There are costs associated with filing documents in court and gathering evidence to use against the abuser.  While some domestic violence lawyers charge a flat fee, others charge by the hour.  Some lawyers provide the same services at a reduced cost.  Remember to ask your attorney his/her billing methods and what you get in return.

What is your area of specialization? 

No two domestic violence cases are the same.  Plus, there is an extensive body of law that guides cases related to domestic violence.  This is because abuse brings up underlying issues that need to be resolved.  These issues include child custody, divorce and property partition.  A lawyer that specializes in cases involving wrongful death will lack the basic skills required to adequately protect the injured party.  Even if the lawyer has combined years of experience in the law field, it is not enough.  Ideally, hire a lawyer who specializes in domestic violence cases.  And if it is somewhat difficult to find a domestic violence lawyer, hire an attorney who specializes in family law.

By asking these important questions and much more, you will get the protection and assistance you need from a qualified domestic violence lawyer who has all it takes to protect your interest.

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