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Instagram is indeed a popular social media platform that has a reach of over 800 million users. If you are not on Instagram for your business, you are losing out on a lot of potential customers. You should register on Instagram and start using this platform for marketing and promoting your business. It is a photo-sharing platform and ensures you effectively can highlight the visual aspect of your business with success. In fact, if you wish to double your targeted traffic on social media, registering on Instagram is a good way to get effective results!

Can Instagram be integrated into your WordPress website?

WordPress websites are simple and convenient for search engine optimization for your business. However, when it comes to WordPress websites can you integrate Instagram posts in them? The ordeal of updating your site with Instagram images can be very cumbersome manually. However, thanks to the present range of Instagram WordPress themes, you effectively can use them for your website and upload pictures and feeds instantly.

What are the best Instagram WordPress themes for your use?

The following are some of the names of the best Instagram WordPress themes for your use-

  1. Redwood- The Redwood Theme is one of the most widely-sought after Instagram WordPress theme in the market. This theme has been created and designed only for bloggers. The theme can be used for some business niches as it is very adaptable. You may use it for food, restaurant, DIY and practically for any hobby. In most cases, people with small blogs see tremendous growth, and this is when they need a theme like Redwood to promote their blog. This theme sports a widget plugin that may be customized as per the needs and the demands of your business.
  2. Buzz Blog- This theme is another one meant for bloggers. It has as many as 60 index pages for you to choose from. Besides this, you also get 12 blog layouts and five headers. The bestseller of this Instagram theme is its Instagram Feed. This Feed has a full length and width. It also sports an amazing hover effect that gives you extra information about every image. You will get information on comments, likes, hashtags, etc. here. In short, the feed ensures that all your visitors get an insight into what you have displayed online. The widget allows you to display all the latest photographs on your Instagram account and that too automatically
  3. Authentic-Authentic is one of the most popular Instagram WordPress themes in the market. Many website owners and bloggers use this theme for marketing and promoting their businesses in the online market. You get buttons for social media along with widgets that are customized. The recent photographs you post on Instagram will be displayed with the number of comments and likes. You can buy Instagram likes, comments, and views from credible websites like This WordPress Instagram theme has been popular for most businesses. Some even claim that they have been able to increase the number of their followers after using this theme for the promotion and marketing of their business.
  4. Carrie- This theme is a responsive one, and it meets all the requirements of your website when it comes to your online presence. It is highly compatible with Instagram, and this is why it is perfect to give you a competitive edge in the market. This theme helps you get galleries and widgets for promoting your business to your targeted audience. The editing features of this theme are super easy, and this is why it is recommended for website and blog owners that are looking for top-notch results. Its interface is so user-friendly that anyone can use it.
  5. Winston- Are you looking for a website that is clean and crisp for your targeted audience? If yes, this Instagram WordPress theme is the right one for you. The layout is minimalist, and this means you get all the limelight on your photographs posted on Instagram. You will find there are six styles for you to choose from. The best part of this theme is there is a slider on top of the fold where your featured posts are generally displayed.
  6. Piemont- If you are looking for a page that is elegant and stunning at the same time, the Piemont theme will help you get exactly what you are looking for. This theme helps you to get better-targeted traffic for your website. It emphasizes on social media platforms, and this is why you can double your traffic. You will get an Instagram title that is under the Footer when you choose this theme for your blog or your website.
  7. Kloe- If you are the owner of a beauty and fashion website and looking for a theme that gives you a multi-purpose advantage this theme is the perfect one for your business. It is ideal for shops, blogs, and e-commerce platforms. The style of this Instagram WordPress theme is very simple, and this is why it gives your website or blog a stunning effect.
  8. Amory Blog-This theme is another one targeted at WordPress bloggers and is known for its footer display of your feeds on Instagram. You also have the option of using a widget in your sidebar for displaying your recent Instagram posts for better-targeted traffic and lead conversions. You may post interesting articles and images together with this stunning theme. It is both simple and professional for your business needs.

Therefore, if you are looking for effective ways and means to incorporate Instagram in your WordPress website or blog, install the above themes for increasing targeted traffic. When you are buying premium Instagram WordPress themes, go through their features carefully. This will help you to understand what they offer before you make the purchase. In case you have a theme already installed, you can search for a WordPress Instagram plugin to get any additional feature you need for your business website.

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