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Digital transformation has revolutionized the trends in almost every industry, and automotive as one of the oldest one couldn’t lag behind. Today, the latest cars being released by the prominent auto making brands are incorporating features that are controlled digitally.

The experts serving at the New Bern Chevrolet presume that by the year 2020, there will be a significant growth in digitalization. Due to this, it is expected that many advancements in technology will replace many of the earlier mechanisms.

It is evident from the records of the last few couple of years that the automotive industry has realized the importance of meeting the consumer demands and it is because of that we are witnessing the digitally enhanced features in the modern day cars. Digitization has spread its wings  in the different fields of automotive industry especially in the areas of research, purchase and operation of the cars, while at the background the sellers too are benefitting from these waves of digitization in marketing their stuff and letting people know about their business across the nations.

Digital Process of Car Purchase

Earlier, car purchase used to be stressful. Hopping from dealerships to dealerships, dealing with the  persistent salesmen and finally arriving at a tight negotiation was something every purchaser used to dread. The result was evident. We used to see much lesser number of vehicles on the road. Bu now with the introduction of digitization, we are sitting at the comfort of our home and browsing through the models we like. Moreover, we know the real market price and are even getting it in a competitive discount, while the tedious job of dealing with the salesmen in person has been removed from the list.

Virtual Rides

It is true in every sense, that we can’t purchase a car without testing it ourselves through a test drive. So, finally we have to see the car physically before we sign the papers. But with the help of digitization and virtual reality, we get to see the first look of a model on our computer screen from every angle. We can even see and have a virtual experience of sitting inside its cabin and know how it feels at a glance. That really makes a hell of a difference, as you don’t even have to interact with anyone until you have already shortlisted your favorite models.

Budgeting and Financing Online

The experts of the New Bern Chevrolet dealership were frank enough to discuss the fact, that the foremost deciding factor in a car purchase is its budgeting. With several websites sharing the information on the financing options and the current coverage trends, you won’t have to go naïve to the financing agent and wait for your luck to serve you well. You can know the total expenditure, calculate it online, discuss out the best deals in forums and if you want with the dealership agents until you are really convinced.

Next comes the hard work of dealing with the financing companies. Today with the help of digitization, you can simply interact with them online. Check out their credibility and offers through their websites and finalize a deal too, without even visiting them in person.

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