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Like any other components that help run the car, the performance of the brake pads depends a lot upon their quality. And that quality does have a relation to the price tag it wears. Though that doesn’t bluntly indicate that the budget brake pads will always be bad, but what comes with these budget brake pads is the uncertainty whether they can deliver the same level of performance and continue with a lifespan we expect? The insights we received from the mechanical department of the Phoenix Mazda on this issue was insightful in every sense.

It was not only a summarized view that made us know the worth of having good brake pads, but the categorization explained in detail, where exactly lies the difference.

Brake Pads Made of Ceramic

In the decade of 80s the automotive industry witnessed the introduction Ceramic Brake Pads that took no time in gaining popularity that still continues. Using the material very similar to the ceramic crockeries, these brake pads have a denser composition that is shot through copper fibers to become good conductors for dispersing the heat. Ceramic brake pads use relatively softer material that will go easier with the rotor, achieve longer life-span, produce lesser noise and accumulate lesser amount of dust.

Brake Pads Made of Semi-Metallic Materials

There are some brake pads that are made of Semi-metallic material that too offer appreciable performance. The material is able to produce better friction as it is made of a proportionate mix of iron, steel and alloys, holding them together with the help of a binder and a bit of graphite lubricant. These semi-metallic brake pads are also available in options like Gold,  Silver and Platinum. These semi-metallic brake pads with higher friction level are preferred option for vehicles that are engaged in heavy towing.

Brake Pads with Carquest Wearever Gold

Brake pads that are made with  Carquest Wearever Gold material are often recommended for daily driving. These brake pads are well known for their application-specific formulations that are more advanced in comparison to other brake pads, their ability to stop in lesser time and for lasting longer. They even go lower in producing dust helping the wheels keep cleaner than those of the lower grade brake pads while delivering ultra-quiet braking.

Brake Pads of Wearever Silver

The best possible brake pads that are economical and fit a lower budget are the Wearever Silver brake pads. These brake pads do deliver reliable performance that can be obtained at a lower price. Consequently these pads wouldn’t continue to provide a pad life as long as their higher end competitors and even the stopping power will be slightly lesser than that of the mid-grade and premium ones.

The Bottom Line

What we learned at the Phoenix Mazda dealership will make us remember very clearly that the performance, life span and stopping power of the car brake pads are directly proportionate to the cost you pay for. But since these parts are crucial for your safety on roads, compromising on the quality of brake pads would be a mistake you can’t rectify later.

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