Why do we need to clean vegetables and fruits? Well, scientists have found in many of their researches that a lot of disease-causing bacteria reside on the porous skin of vegetable and fruits. These include E-coli, salmonella, Listeria and so on, which cause infections and diseases in people who consume it without cleaning properly.

With the modernization of farming techniques, crop produce is now loaded with pesticides that don’t get washed off completely with just tap water. While washing vegetables and fruits is a good habit, doing so with the help of a vegetable and fruit cleaner guarantees the safety of all the family members. KENT Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner is one of its kinds in India’s smart kitchen appliance market. 

Ozone Disinfection Technology 

The Ozone disinfection process requires just around 15-30 minutes. It is one of the strongest oxidizers used to treat water. This technology is perhaps the best-known technique to effectively kill bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens present on the surface of the fruits, vegetables and meat. The disinfection technology used in KENT Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner helps in eliminating the risk of bacteria spreading by effectively oxidizing the residual chemicals from the surface of the vegetable, fruits and meat.

Keeps Fruits Fresh for Longer

As per a report by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), only 75-80 percent of the pesticide residues are removed while washing with cold water. Cleaning vegetables and fruits like grapes, guava, plums, mangoes, peaches, tomatoes, brinjals and ladies fingers with tap water alone may not be sufficient. These must be washed with ozonized water to get rid of all the disease-causing pathogens. This way, they also stay fresh for longer.

This is very convenient for people who are busy throughout the week as it would not be possible for them to go grocery shopping every day. They can wash and store the fruits or vegetables in the refrigerator without worrying about it getting spoiled prematurely.

 Makes Meat Safer for consumption

Most of the people store raw meat in their refrigerators for an entire week. KENT Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner can effectively remove all the bacteria present in meat. The advanced purifier produces ozone gas, which helps in cleaning antibiotics and hormones present on the surface of meat or fish. This makes meat safer for consumption.

No Consumables Needed

The best aspect of KENT Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner is that it doesn’t need any kind of consumables to produce Ozone. It makes use of the oxygen that is present in the air around for producing Ozone. So, it does not need any parts’ replacement or service.

Two Types of KENT Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner

KENT Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner is available as a countertop model and wall-mounting model. The variation lies in the manner of installation as per the convenience of the consumer. Both of these models have a sleek and compact design to match contemporary home decors.

In a world where we are consuming farm produce loaded with chemical, pesticides, which can cause fatal diseases like cancer, lung and kidney ailments, these impurities need to be cleansed with specialized cleaning processes. This is a long-term measure to safeguard the health of all family members.

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