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The stock market is one of the hot markets for the investors to earn unlimited income through purchase and sales of different financial products, especially shares of the company. You need to open the trading account with any of the registered brokerage firms. Most of the people are confused with the words demat account and trading account when opening the account for trading. Keep your tensions away since almost all of the brokerage firms help you to open demat and trading account to engage in the trading process.

Demat account

Trading account is where the flow of transactions takes place and the demat account is where the stock is stored. Financial transactions are made through a bank account. Hence trading account can be said as the intermediary of the stock market, demat account, and bank account. You need these three accounts to engage in stock trading. You can make use of your bank account for trading and the rest two accounts of trading and the demat account can be opened through a registered stock brokerage firm. At present, you can open a free demat account to start stock trading.

Registered brokers

Never get cheated in the stock trading process. Registered and certified brokers only have the right to open the account for you and to help you in purchase and sales of the shares. Hence check for the registration and reputation of the firm before you open the account. They can help you with committed and trusted service to help you in engaging in profitable trading business. They provide a free account, maintenance, and trading at low brokerage cost.

Maintenance fee

Your trading account and demat account are provided by the brokerage firms and hence they charge a considerable amount of maintenance fee. Make sure that your firm provides less maintenance charge and make you free from any of hidden charges and cost. There are different account plans to select from. Some plans make you free from maintenance cost and other charges you with a normal cost. Hence it is a good idea to compare the plans to select the best one based on your requirement and trading needs.

Make better use of your accounts

Make better use of your accounts to make it run. Purchase the shares at the right time at profitable rates. keep sufficient balance in your bank account to meet the urgent needs. Study the market carefully and sell some of the shares when the rates are enough to assure you with profits. Here the number of shares you like sell comes to trading account from the demat account and the number of sales comes to your bank account. The rest number of shares will be kept in the demat account for further transactions. Hence try to engage in trading at frequent intervals to keep the flow of accounts and to earn good profits out of it.

Open your account

Now it is your time to open the demat account at free of cost. There are several brokerage firms to help you in this regards. Make a good comparison and select the best stock trading broker to enjoy trading with the free demat account and at minimum brokerage fees.

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