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There are many facilities, which the Symantec provides to the customers through Norton antivirus. The company has launched four versions, which include basic, standard, deluxe, and premium. The basic version comes with basic features is the cheapest version. The next is standard version that comes with some more features along with the features provided by the basic version. Users will get Norton 360 support if they subscribe for all the versions except the basic one.

The deluxe version has all the features of basic and standard versions and some additional features. The premium version is the costliest one that has the features of all the versions along with some additional features. Here we will discuss some of the features that are found only in the premium versions along with other features found in the three versions. This will not include the basic one.

Features found only in premium version

Here are the features found in premium version.

Help kids to browse internet safely

This feature is available only in premium version in which parents can sue Norton Family Premier to enable safe browsing for children. Sharing various things can be easily controlled and parents can also control the usage time of a device. There are many tools available that help the parents to check the activities of the kids. The parents can also opt for getting the kids activities on emails. The parents can talk to the children and guide them what to see and what to avoid.

Backing up data

This feature is available only 9inpremium version. Customers who subscribe to this version get 25GB storage for free on cloud. They can also purchase more space if they want. The customers have the option of configuring the software so that it takes the backup of only those folders and files that are included in the configuration.

Features available in Premium and Deluxe versions

These features are available, in premium and deluxe versions.

Multiple operating system support

Both of the versions support multiple operating systems, so they can be installed on any device whether iPhone, Android phone, Windows, or Mac devices. The only difference is that users can protect five devices with Deluxe version and ten with Premium version with a single subscription.

The Android users get one more facility and that is regarding the app download. The antivirus software will let the user know whether the app has the malware or not and what will be the impact on battery and performance of the mobile.

Features available in Premium, Deluxe, and Standard versions

The following features are available in all the versions except the basic one.

Protection Promise

When a user subscribe to any of the three versions, an expert from Norton is made available who can resolve all the problems related to the software and the attacks the system is facing. If the user is not happy with the services, he can ask for refund, which the company provides easily. The company has received awards for its services.


All the three versions get regular software regarding the existing and new types of attacks.

Norton Secure VPN

The company provides Norton Secure VPN, which the users can use to encrypt the data that is being sent or received.

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