Have you ever wondered while you look up at a sky filled with a mesmerizing fireworks display that whether all of them are the same type? They all surely cannot be rockets, can they now? It is always very fascinating to see an array of bright and colorful patterned-effects on the night sky. But, how often do we understand the differences between the types of fireworks that are available for you to purchase? For your information, you must know that the types of available fireworks are just a few while the types of effects that come out of them may be plenty. Therein lies the mastery of the designer.

Types of Fireworks To Buy Online Apart from Fireworks rockets for sale

The different variants of fireworks apart from fireworks rockets for sale and their distinct impact and the patterns of their usage is discussed:


If you are up for some individual fun, rocket fireworks are the best to go for. They are basically designed and made with pyrotechnique. The rockets which are made with simple paper that is filled with gunpowder take a flight into the air first before exploding. The effects including the color, stars and the bang that you see once the rocket explodes are all due to the components in it and also for the craftsmanship of the same. Both the sky as well as bottle rockets are pretty famous among families. The height at which it explodes depends on the type of the rocket. Be careful when you purchase rockets as the saying “bigger is better” is not always true for rockets. You will often find the ones with a larger head which is designed to appeal to the customers into buying it.

Roman candles

Every fireworks show has a staple diet and that is roman candles. The roman candles barely last for around 25-30 seconds and provide the continuity effect. Post ignition the Roman candle shoots out stars at short intervals. The stars are basically the balls that are filled inside the outer cardboard casing of the Roman candle. Rockets can be used both as the part of a cake and individually. The same goes for Roman Candles as well. Whistles, butterflies, bombettes, hummers, mines, crackles are just few of the effects that are delivered by this firework type.


The other name is combination batteries but, they are popularly known by the name of Cake as it looks like one. If you are looking for both duration and continuity out of a firework display, go for cakes. The individual shorter tubes are fused together to form a cake. The fact that it consists of these fused tubes make them fire in slowly or rapidly in succession. The cake is quite similar to roman candles. However, the impact of the cake varies from w-shaped, fans and z-shaped in the sky and the other possibilities of effect depend on the ignition speed.

Star Shells

The aerial star shells are indeed the best type of firework that you must save for the last. These little show stoppers never make annoying sounds but, create the most magical and beautiful sight that would make any event a spectacle worth remembering.

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