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Expert Jancis Robinson and her contemporaries know that temperature variations pose serious risks to wines. The cooler that any wine is kept, the slower it develops and so the quality is better. It will take longer to spoil too. Heat speeds up the maturing process.

When you are hosting an event in which wine needs to be stored ahead of time and served when it’s at its best, please don’t ruin the hard work of wine producers by storing wine, or champagne, at a venue in warm, well-lit surroundings.

The sun may be a blessing for the three wedding parties you have booked for your hotel or restaurant during the middle Saturday of June, but the wine will not respond well to being left in stifling, sunny, overly acrid or humid spots in which corks might constrict or expand to allow oxygen in to the bottle. Light is another problem to combat. Sparkling wines and champagne are particularly susceptible to strong light levels.

A cellar provides the ideal environment for storage but when you need to keep wine and champagne cool and readily available during an event or you don’t have a suitable storage location or space on the premises, what can you do?

The simple, effective and legislation meeting answer is to hire cold storage facilities.

Keeping white wine and rosé chilled near to the guests is imperative during an event and although wine cooler buckets, sleeves and corksicles are functional, they aren’t very attractive ornaments for tables so it’s better for professional cold wine storage facilities, either cold rooms or mobile fridge trailers, to be discreetly positioned adjacent to the kitchen, function room or marquee.

As leading suppliers’ units run via mains and generators this offers maximum flexibility. Hire one for a day, a few weeks or for the peak season from companies including Icecool Trailers for peace of mind and a competitive fee. Emergency hire services, 24/7, are invaluable in a crisis.

  • Especially during peak reservation times, it is advisable to pre-book cold wine storage facilities.
  • The hire firm delivers and collects wine refrigeration hire units. There is no self-drive option and so no fuel costs.
  • A wine cold room is assembled on site and a mobile fridge trailer’s shelves can be repositioned as per requirements.
  • The hire firm’s team set up and down-power the units.
  • Cold wine rooms are not on wheels so where they are installed, they must remain for the duration of hire.
  • Mobile fridge trailers are an excellent solution for multi-room or venue hire.
  • Cold wine storage is available in varying sizes and capacities. 1.8m, 2.4m and 3m, for example.
  • Facilities look professional, must be clean and well maintained. They are lockable and keys are left with the clients.
  • Hire facilities are insured but wine and champagne stock necessitates another insurance policy. which it is the client’s responsibility to take out.
  • Hire periods can be for any duration and are easily extendable.

Ensure your guests have wine at its best; don’t let light, warmth or air get in to the product.

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