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Many engineering aspirants, in general, get confused whenever they are asked – “Which stream will you choose upon completion of your 12th class?” Every engineering aspirant, normally, is not able to field the question satisfactorily. And it is understandable because the aspirants do not know much about the different streams of applied sciences.

Many aspirants wish to study the discipline because it offers high-paying, rewarding career. However, the aspirants often scratch their heads when they have to choose among different engineering branches. The question of selecting a branch of applied science, however, is not at all difficult to answer. All you have to do is follow your interest. So, before stepping in the best engineering college in India, just know which branch is apt for you.

Computer Science

Computer engineering lets students study all the elements of not only computer science, but electrical also. As a branch of engineering, computer science has become one of the most desired career options in the recent past. A computer engineering graduate can get recruited in different Information Technology (IT) sectors of hardware and software. In postgraduate level, the students of computer engineering can pursue a research project in specializations such as robotics, advanced database systems, advanced computer architecture, etc. Candidates of computer engineering should have the capacity to think analytically.


The branch deals with the study of different electrical equipment that is responsible for yielding as well as circulating power. To put it simply, students of the stream design equipment that generates as well as transmits electrical power. Telecommunications, computer and electronics companies are among the biggest employers of the students belonging to the discipline.


The mechanical discipline of applied science is wide and involves in-depth principles and laws of physics as well as mathematics. Such laws and principles help students in designing, manufacturing, testing and maintaining a variety of mechanical systems. Graduates of the stream, in general, are recruited by manufacturing companies.  Job opportunities for the graduates from the branch exist in both public and private sectors. Mechanical engineers are recruited in agro industry as they are responsible for designing as well as maintaining different agricultural equipment.


Being one of the oldest engineering branches, the stream uses technological as well as scientific principles for designing and constructing:-

  • Roads
  • Buildings
  • Canals
  • Dams

Students can choose from several subbranches of civil technology such as:-

  • Constructional
  • Environmental
  • Geo-technical
  • Transportation

Such engineers construct as well as repair different structures. The aspirants of the field should have excellent design as well as conceptualization skills. 


The stream proves to be one of the most versatile branches of technology in the recent past. A chemical engineer has to design, install as well as supervise the growth of plants necessary for producing chemical products. Chemical Engineers work in a variety of manufacturing sectors such as Plastic, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Power Production, among others.

Each of the B tech colleges in India offers a technological degree in all the above-named specializations.

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