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It is only a dream to study abroad for many students in our country. Most students in our country are unaware of the opportunities available to us. You can make your dreams come true by just writing a few exams. There are various scholarships that are available as well. Hence you can get a portion pf your fees or even 100% fee through these scholarship programs. There are various benefits of studying abroad. Studying in a different country gives you a wider spectrum and different opportunities. You learn to be more independent, your networking skills are improved and get a chance to experience different cultures. There are various ways to study abroad some of them are mentioned here.

SAT exams

If you are looking for undergraduate studies it is important that you write your SAT exams. SAT subject tests shows your knowledge and understanding in a particular subject. Subject tests are offered in areas like Literature, History, Mathematics, Sciences and Foreign Languages. It is always advised to attend coaching classes to obtain good coaching, practice tests and better scores. There are various SAT exam preparation institutes in our country. Identify institutes in your locality to help you study better.

GMAT exams

If you have already completed your under graduation and looking to study your postgraduate studies in the field of business and administration then you have to write your GMAT exams. GMAT exam consists of four sections which include analytical writing section, an integrated reasoning section, a quantitative section, and a verbal section. You can join GMAT courses to help you study better. There is also a possibility of taking up an online GMAT preparation course. This always you to study for anywhere at any time as per your convenience.

GRE exams

If you are looking to study your masters in the field of engineering, then you will have to take up the GRE exam. The GRE exam consists of four sections which include analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning sections. Much like the other two exams mentioned here, it is advised to take up an online or offline GRE preparation course.

TOEFL and IELTS exams

 Most colleges and universities require you to take up additional English exams such as TOEFL or IELTS. They are both english exams. Different universities prefer different exams. Therefore if you are already interested in a particular university, look up which exam they prefer better. A major difference between the TOEFL IBT and the IELTS is in the Speaking section. On the IELTS, you have a face-to-face interview with a certified examiner. On the TOEFL IBT, you listen to a situation and record your response using a computer. TOEFL offers only academic English but the IELTS offers an academic option as well as a general test. This is generally the preferred test for immigration purposes to the UK and Canada. Therefore it is better to take up the IELTS exams.

Make sure you study smart rather than hard. Make sure you follow a schedule that incorporates at least 4 hours for preparing for your exams per day. This will help you get good marks and apply for the college of your dreams.

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