PET CT Scan is positron Emission tomography also known by the name as PET imaging. It involves the examination of the body that will allow the doctors to get images based on the radiations emitted from positrons. They are the tiny particles which are emitted from radioactive materials provided to patients.  In these test patients is allowed to inject glucose in the body which helps in capturing the cancer cells easily.  Let us now discuss some safety tips that will help the patients when they are moving for scanning.

  • Patients should not be suffered from any kind of allergies or reactions.
  • Pregnant women cannot go for this test, they have to inform the doctors for the same
  • It is better for the patients that they should leave their valuable at home
  • It is important for them to bring the list of current medications they are using presently.

Patients will also come across with Pet ct scan in Bangalore that will make person fully prepared for scanning.

How to prepare better for Scanning?

  • Patients are allowed to take carbohydrate diet when they are moving for appointments.
  • They should drink enough water when they are moving for scanning.
  • Patients should go for routine medications so that they will come to know about the diseases if they are suffering from
  • It is important for the patients to arrive half an hour before scanning.
  • In most of the cases doctors will allow them to go for lab tests before they move for scanning.

 At the time of scanning

  • Patients are instructed not to move their body and hold their breath for some time
  • Patients are free to ask any kind of questions when they are moving for scanning


After scanning

 Patients are allowed to drink 5 glasses of water after scanning.

 Nursing mothers will have to wait for 24 hours to feed their child

 If you are noticing any kind of side effects better inform your doctors for the same.

 Main advantages of Pet ct scan

It helps the doctors to make accurate diagnoses along with making better treatment plans which will result in positive outcomes.  This is a painless treatment which takes about 30 minutes to examine the whole body. This procedure is covered by private insurance along with Medicare professionals.

 This treatment is important for diagnosing

  • Lung cancer
  • Melanoma
  • breast cancer
  • Head and neck cancer

Pet ct scan is considered the best scanning for the patients where they will come across with accurate results in short span of time without waiting for couples of reports that takes more time. Best pet CT scan centre in Bangalore is also embedded with latest features that will help the patients in getting right kind of treatments after diagnosing with some kind of diseases. It is better for move for such options which will help you in saving more time and money  which requires more in other tests.

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