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It is true that you need to hire a professional to take care of water line repair, but you can handle certain issues on your own.  Of course, you should have some technical know-how to fix most plumbing issues, but you can certainly use some tricks to stop leaking pipes.

You need to bear in mind that failing to fix those leaking pipes in a timely manner can lead to serious problems. You can have your drywall destroyed – it can also damage flooring and cause electrical outlets to malfunction. Therefore, you should act fast whenever you notice a leaky water pipe in your property. Even when the issues are serious and require professional help, you can try certain tricks to avoid damaging your property until the professional arrives. Here are a few tricks to try:

  • The first thing you should do is check the joints. In most cases, you will have leaks at the joint, and this usually happens when those joints are not sealed correctly. You may have to remove the fitting completely to have it fixed. You will have to coat the threats using plumber’s pipe dope. Once done, simply re-tighten the joints. You may also have to use a gasket that you can make using thin leather or cardboard. You can also consider covering the gasket using pipe dope in case it is broken. Use some plumber’s grease around compression nut ferrules. If nothing else works, you may consider using pipe repair tape to cover the joint completely – this will be a temporary solution but at least will prevent any serious water damage to your property.
  • It is also possible to have leakson the pipe. You may have to go through some hassle to fix these issues though. The reason is that leaks on the pipe are usually the result of a split or a hole. To handle it properly, you can use a pipe clamp. Simply bolt the clamp over the affected area to get good results. In case you have tiny holes on the pipe, you can fix the issue by using an epoxy plumber’s putty. While the putty works fine, you should ensure that you have prepared the surface of the pipe in the right way. It is also possible to fix the issue by using some pipe repair tape. Just keep in mind that you should first turn off the water pressure in the pipe or the repair tape is not going to work. You can use a pipe clamp to handle things effectively.


The fact of the matter is that water line repair needs immediate attention. Even though you are not good at handling plumbing issues, you should still learn some tricks and use some temporary solutions until the plumber arrives. Be sure to conduct some research when hiring a plumber because only an experienced plumber can help you with water line repair.

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