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Vitamin K is one of the important vitamins which is useful for preventing the serious bleeding. For any new born baby this vitamin K vaccines are very useful which will make them potentially fatal, and disorder of bleeding. This is called as vitamin K deficiency bleeding or hemorrhagic. It is available at the public hospital for the babies in free of cost.

Importance of vitamin k

Vitamin k is very helpful for blood to clot and it prevents the serious bleeding. At the time of pregnancy, the babies do not get too much vitamin K from their mother body or at the time of breastfeeding also. So without this vitamin, they are at risk and this abnormal bleeding can damage your brain or even death. By providing the vitamin K vaccine they will get the extra care. At the age of six months, the buildup of vitamin K happens by their own supply.

How to give vitamin K

This is very easiest and reliable way to give vitamin k to babies by the injection. One vitamin k vaccine for babies is great to protect for many months. This vitamin K is also given by the mouth there are several oral does are available which is necessary for the protection. By injection of vitamin K, it takes time to absorb and by giving it to the mouth process its effect will not very long.

There are three doses of vitamin K

  • First does at the time of birth
  • The second dose is at after three days of birth
  • The third dose is at the fourth week when the baby can fully feed the breast.

If baby vomit within the one hour of taking vitamin K then the baby have to take another dose.

Some important tips about the vitamin K

  • All babies have to take the vitamin K according to the dose.
  • Premature or small babies also need this in a small dose as per the advice of a doctor.
  • The babies who are sick and premature also have to take the vitamin injection by injection.
  • At the time of your pregnancy if you take any medicine of blood clot then you have to inform this to the doctor.

There is no side effect of Vitamin K. All the best and reputed medical organization and council make their research on the side effect of vitamin K and they concluded that there is no side effect of it. It is very important for the babies health.

Conclusion: So vitamin K is very important and useful for the newborn baby. It is one of the simple ways this you can prevent many serious diseases of your health. All small, mature and premature baby need this vitamin at the early stage of their life when their body cannot make vitamin by own.  So take care of your newborn baby with full of knowledge and guidance of expert child specialist. They only show you the right path to make your baby healthy.

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