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The business opportunities are not limited to specific land, and one can easily get good chances of developing business in the first world countries also. The business must have such scope that can help the economy of that country is the primary condition for migration to such countries. One of these countries where one can have good opportunities is known as Australia.

Any business that is going on lawfully in Australia and does abide by all set immigration rules shall necessarily get the right to sponsor a skilled worker. It can be said to be a permanent residence kind of visa and does not depend on the candidate’s stay in Australia during the processing of the application. It can be suggested to the candidate to file for a bridging or a substantive visa A, B or C if the applicant happens to be in Australia during the submitting of the application.

You will come across three types of routes for obtaining this visa:

Temporary residence stream of transition

A visa subclass 457 permits any skilled employee to carry on work founded on the nominated skill for the period of four years under any approved sponsor. In case you possess work experience of two years in the capacity of a visa 457 holder, you will be eligible to the temporary residence stream of transition that puts you in a position to obtain a permanent position in relation to the similar skill and under the sponsor formerly sponsored you.

Direct Entry stream

One more route to get permanent residency can be the subclass 186 to file for a visa within the scheme of Australia direct entry stream visa. Therefore, it is necessary that you must be nominated for this type of visa by the person who employs you.

All such migrants who tend to work or have never ever worked in Australia or are not eligible to get temporary residence stream of transition are able to avail direct entry stream visa in Australia route to file for PR- permanent residency in the country.

Agreement Stream

This stream can be availed by or applies to all those employees who have been sponsored by their employers when they have signed a labor agreement.

Requirements of skill relating to ENS direct entry

The normal requirement of skill in relation to the direct entry stream shall include as given below:

  • You must have some formal skill evaluation with regard to your job or occupation
  • It is necessary to have as a minimum work experience of three years in the job or occupation

Requirements of skill assessment differ by way of occupation and thoroughly making out such requirements makes a key in choosing whether this route of the direct entry stream tends to be appropriate for you or not.

Usually, you must have a formal qualification. In case you don’t possess a formal qualification, in that case, it is possible for many people that qualification is issued in their favor via RPL- recognition prior learning.

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