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In the contemporary business world, a wide range of  turnkey ecommerce solutions have been developed to help those who are interested in starting up online businesses. However, there are only a handful of them that are effective enough to propel an online business to the next level. The very first of this kind is Stitch, which is a custom clothing website script. Stitch can be defined as a very robust turnkey ecommerce solution that one can use to start up a custom fashion website. Experts agree that it is one of the most appropriate and effective solutions for launching an ecommerce website especially in cases where advanced coding is not really necessary. It entails software for designing custom shirt website, which is embedded with varied attribute list of a large number of custom shirt and suit websites. The designing of this particular turnkey ecommerce solution is guided by the SEO concepts at the back of the mind. In other words, custom clothing website that has been created with stitch will appear in Google search results, helping the company to attract more sales. Scalability and flexibility, secure online payments, advanced search, and easy to use CMS, are the primary characteristics of stitch.

PaperWeight is another very essential turnkey ecommerce solution, and is more of a script that is rich in features for building an open market for freelance writers. The team that is in charge if this high-performance solution, after comprehensively analyzing well-established and reputable freelance writing sites, incorporates some of the most useful features such as secure architecture, outstanding backend CMS and intuitive UI.  One huge advantage of PaperWeight is that it is good at empowering the audience towards assisting the rest in picking appropriate writing experts, posting regular reviews, and rating the writers. As a top-rated turnkey solution, PaperWeight is highly embraced among startups especially in building online freelance writing platforms because of such attributes as advanced writer-client communication network, scalability which makes the site future proof, comparison on the basis of how writers are rated, and simple order placement process. There is also a very location based vehicle selling portal known as Yo!Drive , which some analysts describe as a total ecommerce solution, which gives businesspersons an easy time launching an online portal for making relevant comparisons and discovering amazing deals. It is mainly known for its tendency of taking cognizance of dealers, sellers and buyers who offer a whole and robust package.

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