The secret of making great pizza depend on ingredients and the recipe used to bake it. If you have a Laval pizza restaurant, you may already be aware of various ingredients and flavors that will make your pizza taste great and turn your customers into loyal clients. However, most people tend to concentrate on the ingredients and recipe forgetting about the dough.

In fact, the dough serves as the foundation of your pizza, and you need to take it seriously. Whatever your style and recipe, always make sure that you have the best dough, especially if you will be serving the pizza to your loyal customers. Here are some tips for a top commercial pizza dough recipe.

Know the Exact Ingredients that You Use

The dough usually has simple ingredients which include yeast, flour, sea salt, and water. If it is this simple, then you may be wondering why some crusts are better than others. The key difference is in the variation of ingredients used to make the dough. Typically, high-refined flour will make your pizza tastier, especially if you are planning to serve a Neapolitan-style pizza. The highly refined flour also gives your dough unique lightness compared to the other types of flour. Some people also prefer using carbonated water to add extra flavor to their dough.

Patience Is a Critical Virtue

You need to remember the fact that mixing dough is an art. Make sure that everything is under control, including how you handle and mix your ingredients. Ensure that water goes in first with half of the flour and allow your mixture to sit for at least ten minutes before you proceed. After the ten minutes, you can now mix the rest and do it carefully to make sure that your ingredients mix perfectly. Let the mixture sit and rise for at least thirty minutes before you start shaping your dough.

Shaping the Dough

You can either use your hands or a rolling pin to shape your dough. Although rolling pins are convenient, they usually tend to push down on your dough causing it to be flat and without much air after baking. The best way to shape your dough is using your hands, but this may take you a lot of practice before you master the skill. Secondly, using your hands to shape the dough can be tiring especially if you are making pizza in bulk. Therefore, the perfect solution would be to use a dough press- whether manual or automatic.

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