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Roti or flat bread is one of the favourite food items of Indians across the world. These breads are a great accompaniment to the traditional pulses or veggies. Pairing veggies or chicken or mutton or dals with rotis will give a great taste and of course it is healthy too.

Rotis are generally made up of whole wheat flour and surely are a great choice for any meal of the day if you pair it with your much loved sabji or dal. Tandoori roti is therefore flat bread, which actually is known to have its origin from India. Since roti is the major staple food in North Indian States, one of the most loved varieties is Tandoori Roti. Other famous kinds of rotis are kulcha, parantha, Lachha parantha, and of course, plain roti. These Tandoori roti are made on the tandoor and hence this is where it derives its delicious crispy texture. Tandoori roti are a well-known dish ordered in Indian Restaurants.

This particular dish combines the whole Indian community across the subcontinent, as it likewise delighted individuals from various societies and distinctive nations the world over tremendously. This particular dish is so renowned that number of people has recreated this dish as per their inclinations and tastes. Be that as it may, nothing can beat the great old roasted roti.

You can combine your favourite Tandoori Roti with your favourite curries and vegetables and this way you can transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary meal. You can eat roti at any given time of the day – lunch, dinner or breakfast. Using a tandoor to make this roti, would give it a smoky crispy and wonderfully fresh texture that makes it very enticing to consume. So you can discard the typical tawa roti and bake this flavourful Tandoori Roti. Serve it piping hot and straight from the oven and keep in mind to smear this delicious Tandoori Roti with clarified butter or pickles after removing it from the oven or the stove.

The tandoor is basically a cylindrical shaped clay oven that is used for baking and cooking both. Using this oven to cook roti is not restricted to India only. This technique has been very common in Asian Countries and of course other parts of the world as well. A wood fire is made up to generate the heat which would enable the rotis to get cooked or baked. The wooden pieces are placed inside the tandoor and lit, and subsequently exposing the dough being cooked into a tandoori roti. If you are cooking the Tandoori Roti at your house, it is not necessary to get the authentic tandoor. There is a number of modern equipment which would enable you to bake dhaba style tandoori rotis sitting at the comfort of your home.

If you don’t know how to bake this amazing tandoori roti, you can find the recipe on the internet. You would find the techniques you can use from making the dough to the baking of this in a tandoor or in an oven. As the name suggests, these Tandoori Roti are traditionally cooked in an oven or tandoor.

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