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In today’s world, every individual from a very initial stage starts working on their career. People work so hard on their academics, participate in extracurricular activities, join extra courses, take up internships and work in different firms just to set their career. The world has become such an easier place after the creation of smartphones. Smartphones are a blessing; every being has their own way to utilize it. Some use it for calling, some for texting, some just listen to good music, some to use social media, and some to click cute pictures.

Did you know you can use these smartphones to set your own careers too? Smartphones have actually changed the world. There are so many apps and different platforms available for you just a few clicks away that will help you search, move forward, and alter your career. It can be for internships, networking, getting ready for a big interview or working on your resume. Down below is the list of applications and platforms you need to access right away for a boost in your career.

Frapp: Frapp application is a go-to destination for college kids. It helps them find a perfect internship no matter if the requirement is part time, full time or work from home. Not only this there’s another plus point to this application; it provides students with amazing discounts coupons and special deals.

Intrnshala: Intrnshala is India’s leading internship platform. This platform can help you find the best internships. All you have to do is sign in and put up all your details. You will also have to upload all your academic details as well as previous experience which can be downloaded later and be used as your resume.

Letsintern: Letsintern is another go-to platform for students to find internships. They’ve internships for every student doing different courses. It can accentuate your career by providing internships in renowned organizations.

Interbuzz: InternBuzz is an application every college kid needs to have! 
It helps you to prepare for the first and for most steps; interview. To master the art of interview all you need to do is download the app and look for right opportunities. The app will assist you with everything beyond. It will help you figure out what to wear, what to talk, how to present yourself and it will even direct you to even shake hands with your seniors.

Indeed job search: This platform focuses on providing jobs to the ones in need. The app initially gives free access to the entire relevant job search, later boasts your CV’s and gives a wide choice to explore various available options. It even helps the individuals to opt for guaranteed paid jobs in case of dissatisfaction.

Switch: If you like using Tinder you’ll definitely like this one. All you have to do is swipe right to the job offers you are interested in and left to the one you’re not interested. The companies HR’s do the same with your resume. If you and the organization both swipe right then you will find your perfect job match.

JobAware: JobAware provides it all for you. This application helps you find a perfect opportunity as they allow you to search for jobs from different firms, see the source of all jobs as well as let them share these jobs on your social media.

Linkedin: Linkedin is the social media for professionals. It is said to be one of the best business and marketing element for the 21st century. Install this amazing application on your smartphone and create an effective profile that allows you to tell people your value in the industry. If the companies like your profile and your work they will get in touch with you directly.

ZipRecruiter: This application updates you with all the jobs notification. You can easily apply for jobs without any wait just through your smartphone. All you got to do is upload your CV on the app or from your LinkedIn profile and you’ll regularly be updated through emails with relevant job offers.

Interview Question and Answer: If you have a job interview and want to set a good impression by answering all the questions confidently then this application can be your teacher. It helps you to prepare for all the interview questions with relevant answers. Also, it provides you with relevant tips for the interview that will brush up your mind for better communication.

Although the market is full of smartphones with almost every range, it is important for you to make a worthy investment. You have to keep in mind both; a bunch of top-notch features and a comforting pocket. Some newbies in the market are making a remarkable difference, overpowering the rigorous identity of old brands. To name a few, we have; Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, Panasonic India Smartphones and much more. Even when your career is dependent on this investment, it should actually be thought and analyzed in the best way!

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