Wildlife trip is quite enjoyable and adventurous, but it is a bit risky too. During your trip, you cannot avoid certain situations. So quick thinking and smart planning is always better option to prevent any accidents in the wild. So it is highly essential to know the necessary survival skills which will be highly worth whenever required.

Taming a wild horse requires more mastery and knowledge. Specific techniques you need to follow for taming a horse. The most important among all is carefully approach a horse first. You will easily get information about how to approach a horse from online race replay videos. If you know how to tame a wild horse, it is also useful for your survival in the wild. You can check out the aqueduct race replays for more tips on horse riding.

Given below are few survival skills that you can use in case you will find any help to survive in the wild.


It is one of the essential skills which determine how successful you handle everything during a survival situation. For better survival, one person requires water, food, and shelter. However, within wilderness, the surviving in several wilderness situations means facing many challenges without panic. One basic concept you should follow while facing survival situation in the wild is “SPEAR.” It means: Stop, Plan, Execute, Asses and Re-evaluate. You can follow them systematically. You always need to keep your body and mind active all the time.


Many people who are forced into such survival situation can die due to hypothermia or due to direct exposure of elements.  So it is highly essential, to be capable of building a shelter for yourself during a survival situation. During such state, you need to reduce the heat loss or LKI if you are in the desert wild then save as much water you can. While planning to build a shelter, you need to consider specific facts such as the location of the shelter, insulation from the (ground, air, wind, and rain), Shelter for personal use or group and the lastly the heat source. You can also choose the natural shelters like cave for your stay.


As human body composed of maximum number of water, so it is not surprised that water highly essential as compared to food or shelter. Many lost in such cases face dehydration. During the survival situation, the best source to drink clean water is from water streams, springs and you can collect the morning dew. Some popular modern water filter options are also available that you can carry for your survival situation.

Proper food

Food is also required for the human body, but we can survive some more days without food as compared to water and shelter. In the wild areas, you will get several plants that can fulfill your nutritional requirements. However, before consuming any plant be sure you correctly identify that plant. If you are not sure about the plant, then do not eat.


Fire is not exactly a direct survival need but one of the basic survival skills. It can help to boil water, to warm your shelter and body, to dry your clothes and cooking. So during the survival situation, it will give you psychological support, and it also helps in creating the sense of safety and security.


Enjoy your wild trip fullest and always prepare yourself in case of emergency survival in the wild areas.

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