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It is a fascinating and joyous dream for a younger generation to join aviation industry. Since inception and until today working in an Aviation industry considered one of the most prestigious glamorous ones. Scott Beale Aviation says It is a pride of a pilot to fly a powerful flying machine-like aircraft to a height of about 30,000 feet. As per ATAG, Air Transport Action Group report, about 60 million jobs all over the world is supported by aviation and related tourism. Among this, about 10 million people work directly in the aviation industry.

Appropriate role to be decided

Working in aviation industry whether in airlines or in an airport means you have to work as a part of the huge team of variable nature. The team has a variety of roles requiring different expertise. You have to select a particular role to say flight attendant, or baggage handler or air ticket agent.

It may happen that you are more suitable for a technical job such as pilot, navigator, engineer, or mechanic. Alternately, you may be suitable for accounting Job. From entry-level to top level, position all employee work together for customer satisfaction.

Following are the reasons why candidates are attracted by Aviation Industry Jobs.

Great opportunity for travelling

It is undoubtedly the main reason for the attraction that aviation industry can offer. There is no other industry that can offer such travel opportunity. Pilot and flight attendants could visit as many as seven cities in different continents in one five-day shift.

Employees working for an airline whether it is the flying type or nonflying type can travel free of cost or at the discounted rate to many attractive tourist spots. The Spirit Airlines Inc.U.S.A. offer their employees a good number of concessionary standby flight to any destination.

Opportunity of meeting new people

In such a dynamic industry, a job means that you are a part of a bigger picture. Working in the aviation industry is never boring or stagnant but one that offers variety on a daily basis. It gives the opportunity to meet new people daily of different language and different lifestyle which is quite fascinating.

Helps to develop your career

It is the interest of every airline’s industry to see that their employee is continually developing. The company arranges training of their staffs for career development. Some offer incentives to ensure that their employee’s contribution is recognized. Big Airlines of U.S.A like American Airlines and Spirit Airlines Inc. U.S.A., for example, support employees with their learning and development facilities.

Company benefits

As per Scott Beale Aviation people working for non-flying airport are well paid with excellent benefits. It is evident that being a part of a large company such as airlines and airport means you have access to enhancement of career.

Lifestyle benefits

Airlines and airport also recognize how their employees enjoy lifestyles outside of work to ensure their happiness at work. Spirit Airlines Inc.U.S.A. and Delta Airlines, for example, offer their employees deals on holidays extending the benefits further. In some airlines, flight crews qualify for discounts on rental cars and hotels and even some travel attractions while on holidays. Additionally, there are healthcare benefits, childcare benefits. Pensions schemes.

Summing-up all above, airline job is superior to any other job for work satisfaction point of view.

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