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Sleeping with cucumber slices on the eyes, giving the face a physical massage, dosing the skin with an abundance of coconut oil – there are many folk remedies to choose from for a restoring night solution for our skin to look refreshed in the morning. Whether you are a parent with toddlers, a business owner calling the shots all day, or an overly busy student, we all experience bouts of stress from time to time. Eventually, emotional and environmental stress show up on our skin in the form of wrinkles and dryness.

There are many dietary practices that we can, and probably should, adopt in order to maintain our finite store of energy. However, apart from diet, hydrating the skin at night also replenishes the cells, keeping them plump and youthful, preventing early signs of aging, as does removing make-up and cleaning our faces of the bacteria that builds up in our pores throughout the day. With the torrent of information out there regarding healthy skin practices, it has become difficult to keep up with what rituals are deemed necessary to prevent early signs of aging and what recommendations are superfluous fluff – out to make the nightly ritual of cleansing more complicated than need be. With the plethora of creams, oils and chemical peels to choose from in today’s market, one might find they need a consultant to make any form of skin care purchase. However, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Skin care should feel as second nature as brushing our teeth. Therefore, sort through your beliefs and throw away any unnecessary jargon in effort to trim down on your nightly duties. Happy, healthy skin is found in the art of minimalism.

To properly hydrate the skin in order to wake-up looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed, look for creams with little-to-no chemical constituents, along with ingredients sourced directly from the earth. Simple, easy, straight-to-the-point ingredients, with no secret formula, should definitely be priority when shopping for any product that will be used on the body. Find a company that prides itself on their transparency and truth-telling policies. The more they disclose about their product, the more likely your skin with be satisfied and nourished by earth-friendly ingredients. Never be left questioning why your skin may have reacted poorly to a night cream.

Cosmo Grade’s’ Renewing Night Cream is rich in vitamins, moisturizing plant-based oils, and herbs to help repair skin naturally while we sleep. Cosmograde’s creams have a robust blend of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce noticeable swelling, calming the skin. Healthy looking skin is easy to manage when we eat our greens, get sleep, and saturate the face with natural goodness whenever we slumber. Shop at Folsom Pharmacy’s online store BioidenticaRX for Cosmo Grade and other natural beauty products.

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