Outsourcing secondary functions has become a common trend among entrepreneurs. The highly completive business environment and uncertain economic conditions demands business owners to free up their competent resources and invest more time and money to improve core business activities.

However, if data confidentiality and access issues don’t allow leasing data servers of third party, you can choose a colocation partner. A managed colocation service provides a secure and well equipped place to collocate your server machines. These facilities have exclusive arrangement for uninterrupted power supply and efficient cooling systems along with exceptional security systems. Moreover, service packages also include threat management, multi-probe monitoring and alert systems with patch management and on-site and off-site data backup with part replacement and service.

Picking up a good vendor can be difficult and tricky. This is because not all service providers are equal. As all of them are claiming to fulfill the needs of IT infrastructure, you will be overflowed with the choices. Ask these key questions to select the best colocation partner among the masses.

Where is the facility located?

Ask about location and inspect the facility to check equipment and security arrangements. As you don’t want to put sensitive devices at risk after choosing a facility located near to unpredictable natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and flood. I will recommend you to plan a visit before starting any negotiations. Also, check if they are operating from multiple locations or not. This will help you to select the most suitable geographic location.  In case you are running an app for customers, you will surely prefer a location near to your customers.

How they maintain seamless power supply to run the setup?

Efficient power supply is the mandatory need of such facilities. Uninterrupted supply of electricity is required not only to run their own infrastructure and cooling devices, but also to keep the client’s machine running. Inquire about the backups they have established to tackle power failures. Do they possess commercial generators and UPS? Also, check their system connectivity, a good facility possesses carrier-neutral that allows connectivity with a variety of networks. Power breakdown is totally unacceptable for these service providers, as they have to ensure 100% uptime to run clients machine continuously.

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