What are the best ways to improve the ranking of your site on search engines? The answer to the question may vary as per individuals, but what is commonly agreed by all is that there is no any alternative to link building. Yes, this is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. The SEO experts may implement a vast range of SEO tools and techniques, but without the link building, the search engine optimization would remain inadequate. However, the problem is that there are different types of link building practices. Even many of the SEO experts fail to understand the difference in white, gray, and black link building.

Building links for your website

For sure, as a businessman, you may not sit down to build the links yourself, but it is, certainly, essential to understanding these SEO tools and techniques. This can prove to be highly helpful in making the right selection of the SEO experts. Seeing the SEO tools, techniques, and strategies implemented by the SEO experts, you can, at least, guess the quality services they can render to improve the search engine page ranking of your website.

If you have some understanding of search engine optimization, you can make the right selection of the SEO experts. Yes, it is the task of the experts to optimize your website, but it is your responsibility to make choosing the right SEO professionals.

Black and white hat SEO

What is black hat SEO? Briefly speaking, the black hat SEO refers to the strategies and techniques used to fool the search engines or break the rules of the search engines to get higher search rankings. It is very much search engine centric. It focuses on manipulating the search engine rules to get the immediate attention of the web surfers. Usually, black hat SEO is used by the people desiring to get a quick return. Keyword stuffing, blog content spamming, hidden texts and links, and link farming, etc. are some commonly used black hat SEO techniques.

Unlike black hat SEO, the white hat SEO techniques and strategies focus on the audience and not precisely on the search engines. White hat SEO does not break the search engine rules. It is considered to be highly ideal for a long-term investment on the website. Use of keywords, rewriting the Meta tags, keyword research & analysis, link building, backlink building, and writing rich content, etc. are some most common white hat SEO techniques.

The black hat SEO is considered to be unethical, and the search engines may ban or de-index as penalization. The white hat SEO, on the other hand, would gather the momentum gradually and systematically, and it will last longer without facing any kind of punishment or de-indexing by the search engines.

Though not many may aware of the gray hat SEO, the experts consider it somewhere between the white and black hat SEO. For a beginner, such a classification may, often, create confusion. However, what is important here is to understand how the SEO techniques and tools can be used in optimizing the websites.

Which one is more efficient?

Often, many people wonder whether the black or white hat SEO is more valuable. Speaking, the black hat SEO is no less effective than the white hat SEO. In fact, it is the black hat SEO that brings the quicker returns. The real matter lies in your objectives.  You can implement white or black hat SEO depending upon your goals of search engine optimization. However, you must never forget that your website can be banned or de-indexed by the search engines as penalization for breaking the search engine rules.

Quality of Links

The links will help your site link with thousands of audiences; however, it is highly essential that you build the high-quality links. Not all the links are equally useful. It is possible that the links will prove to be counter-productive if they are devoid of quality. So, before you start using the links for search engine optimization, it is important to learn to evaluate or assess the quality of the links. It is, in fact, the first step towards search engine optimization through proper link building.

Significant components of high-quality links

Much information about the search engine optimization techniques and strategies are available online. You can find much literature about how you can create the high-quality links and use them to optimize your website. If you are interested, you can go through the SEO keyword research template and learn the complexities of link building. However, there is no need to spend hours or days in doing so. The following paragraphs will prove to be a complete guide for real backlinks for search engine optimization:

  • Relevancy and placement of links – Gone are the days when the footer links were considered to be useful. They have lost the value and are not deemed to be effective anymore. The value of the link gets significantly improved if it is placed in the page that contains the content that is related to your products, services, or your website.
  • Domain Trust: In the eyes of the search engines, your website requires links from the currently existing highly trusted sites. Keep your site away from the bad neighbor. Whom you link and who links you are important to stay as a trusted domain.
  • Anchor Text: Avoid over optimizing. All your anchor texts must look natural. Be careful! The search engines will penalize you if you over-optimize by using the common keywords frequently.
  • Do-Follow and No-Follow links: Creating ‘Do-Follow’ and ‘No-Follow’ links are essential if you desire to ensure maximum value to your links and you want them to look natural.
  • Research high ranking pages: You should target the high-ranking pages and place links on them. Research such pages and the keywords or phrases for which they rank high. They will, certainly, pass on some value to your site through the links.

One may learn all the components of high-quality links, but when it comes to using them with perfection; it is not a day’s work. It will, certainly, call for some time, dedication, and genuine efforts. However, with the passage of time, the increasing experience will enrich your skills, and you will be able to optimize the websites by using the high quality links desirably.

Author Bio: As an SEO expert, the author Derek Iwasiuk loves to disseminate valuable information about the SEO strategies and techniques. In this particular article, he provides a quick guide for a black hat and white hat SEO. He has also mentioned about the SEO keyword research template to know more about using SEO strategies and their implementation.

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