Expedited international shipping is the process of sending parcels and other items at a much faster speed than the standard. Many individuals as well as international people use these services to deliver goods and parcels to destination depending on their urgency as well as needs.  There are many services that offer expedited international shipping but the actual definition of this service depends on the company policy that is offering the service and thus, different services may differ from one another.  Expedited shipping may take any thing from several hours to a few days. Below, we sample some of the expedited international shipping services available in the world.

The US postal service

The US postal service comes with a priority shipping service that is considered as faster than other first class mailing services available in the world. The service is considered as one of the most reliable expedited international shipping services in the world especially because it can deliver parcels to most areas around the world.  The fastest service from this company is the express service that has guaranteed delivery within an overnight.  This is compared to other services that take about 3 days to reach their destinations.

UPS Service

UPS is another reliable parcel service that offers a wide range of services to clients. The service is known for its reliability and timely deliveries around the world.  The fastest shipping from this company is known as express critical service that delivers packages same day or early the following morning.


FedEx is another reliable service that delivers high quality services to clients. They have an extremely fast service that delivers parcels around the world on the same day.  This is a reliable service with branches spread out in major cities around the world. The good thing with FedEx is that they are able to do home deliveries in major cities around the world.

International service

The expedited international shipping is offered by the US postal service and is considered as one of the most reliable delivery services in the world. This is owing to their fast deliveries across major cities around the world as well as affordable charges to clients. This is no matter the size of parcel that you want to send to your destination.

What to consider when going for these services

 One of the things that you need to consider when looking for expedited international shipping is the charges from the provider. You can match the best provider with your budget so that you can get charges that fit within your budget.

Secondly, you  need to identify a service that delivers services in the area where you want to send this is a good consideration to make especially considering that you need parcels sent exactly to the destinations what you need them. This will save you a lot of money and resources especially considering that the recipient will not have to travel for a long time to receive the parcel.


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