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Whether it’s because of an altercation of sorts with the law or because your new job mandates it, if you’re a regular stoner and are potentially facing a drug test, the first question you need answered is how long does THC stay in your system anyways? Because of the fact that THC binds to fat molecules inside you, it can be pretty damn long. It depends heavily on the frequency of use obviously, but also on other factors of your health too.

There’s a lot of variables in this so there’s no exact science to calculate how many days you need to abstain to pass the test. Another thing is that there are multiple kinds of drug tests out there: urine, saliva, blood, hair, and even perspiration now are all commonly tested. For a test in a working environment though, it is highly likely to be a urine test as all the other methods tend to be a bit more expensive. A rough answer to the question of “how long does THC stay in your system?” in the case of urine testing, would be up to 8 days for someone who smoked just once. Someone who smokes a couple times every weekend could test positive for traces of THC for up to 15 days after stopping smoking completely, and this increases to 30 days for anyone that smokes almost daily, even if it’s just a tiny bowl or two every night before sleep. Anybody who has been smoking for years on end multiple times per day could take up to a whopping 80 days to test clean. If the test you’re worried about is for work, chances are you didn’t get even close to 80 days advance notice, so abstinence is entirely out of the question.

They only demographic that might stand a chance with the abstinence method are those extremely occasional smokers. For anyone that uses even weekly, now that you know how long THC stays in your system, it might be time to find something to actually do about it. A lot of detox products and recipes are shared and vouched for all over the internet, backed by questionable science. These wouldn’t exist at all if absolutely none of them worked ever though so it might be a good thing to start digging. There’s also, of course, old classic methods of swapping your urine with another clean sample or something along those lines, but this is extremely risky and not recommended unless 100% necessary. You’ll have to get creative on how to hide your clean sample from practitioners though, and have some nimble fingers to perform the swap unseen.

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