Are you fed up of your co-workers? Do you fear going to your job every day? Do you get an awful feeling in your stomach when you think of office? Are you tired of your office life because you are not able to give time to your family?

Well, it’s okay if you had an emotional outburst and it passed. But if things are getting really bad, then read along the signs given below and decide whether it’s time to put down your papers from the current job once and for all.

  1. You care less about your quality of work

Are you going through a bad phase? Lynn Taylor, the author of Tame your Terrible Office Tyrant, says in her book, “You can never reach your full potential if you lack the passion in your job”. So, if you are thinking of resigning or already have and only a few days are left then remain enthusiastic until the final day arrives. Staying passionate till your last day will help you with your employment and references in the near future.

  1. You always check notifications

Do you always find yourself checking your phone every time it vibrates? This is a sign that you are constantly on the lookout for seeking distraction instead of focusing on the job. If you are always checking email, Facebook, Instagram or some other social media, then it means that you are not able to concentrate on your current task and need a job where you will be much more enthusiastic and remain focused all the time.

  1. You are in pain or at least you think you are

Do you feel an ache that just won’t go away? Is that back pain getting worse? Do you have to constantly stand and your feet are not able to hold the ground? If you are facing some serious health issues by working in a demanding posture, then you may have to look for a new occupation that will not only save your health, but also ensure that the situation doesn’t goes from bad to worse.

Looking at it from a different perspective, do you find yourself noticing pain all the time whenever something happens? If yes, then this could be due to a distraction in your life, which is not letting you do your job.

  1. You constantly disagree with co-workers

Are your co-workers so cold that you don’t even feel the warmth of designer radiator in your office? Are your colleagues the most unreasonable and irritating people? Do you always have a conflict with them while working in a team?

Well, chances are they might be thinking the same about you. If you find yourself perfectly fitting in the above mentioned scenario, then you may have to start looking for a new office to work in. If it’s some workplace issue or personality difference, then you may like to look for a position where you don’t have to deal with such people or perhaps get a higher position.

  1. You fear Sunday night

Do you feel fear in the pit of your stomach knowing that you have to wake up next morning and go to office? All of us have experienced that feeling, but if you find yourself getting much stressed about going to office on Mondays, then you may have to find what the reason behind this cause is. Maybe you need to engage into some hobbies to take your mind off that stress or maybe you have to look for a new job.

  1. Your company is falling

So, your job might not be the issue and you actually like doing what you do, but your company is not doing any good and its downfall has started. In such times, don’t ignore those extra coffee breaks; this is where you might hear some gossip or rumours of where the company is headed to. If you have gotten an idea beforehand, then start looking for another job immediately, otherwise you may have to compete with your colleagues for the same position in other companies.

In conclusion, if you don’t have a positive feeling about going to work every day even though you are getting a good salary, you might have to look for other opportunities. Ever thought of pursuing your passion? If you are good at it, why not start earning good from your passion? At the end of it all, we hope the above tips help you make that life changing decision. Good luck!

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