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Interior designing is an important part of home designing. If you want your new home to be elegant, cozy, and chic, then you would need to hire a good interior designer to do the job for you. Even if you have good taste for art, you would still not want to design your home interior on your own because you may miss some important factors that could ruin the looks of your home. While you may be good at picking the right flowers and contacting roses delivery, you may not have the perfect sense of artistry to design your house. An interior designer has a keen eye for patterns, themes, accents, and moods. He or she doesn’t only have a good eye for balance but also comfort, utility, and convenience.

Through the years, the importance of interior designers to the society has dramatically and drastically improved. Decades ago, the common notion is that the homeowners themselves are the ones deciding on the home designs. However, this has changed over the years. Homeowners of today have fully realized the importance of hiring interior designers for designing of their home interior.

Interior designing is not a new concept especially in developed countries like Australia. Over the years, many interior designers have had a successful and lucrative career. Some of these designers have improved and reshaped the home building industry in many respects, they ever work hand in hand with other professionals, from contractors to roses delivery professionals. Interior designing geniuses like Frances Adler Elkins, Dorothy Draper, John Saladino, and Philippe Starck have upped the ante when it comes to home building and improvement.

  • Known for her futuristic and avant-garde designs, Elkins is the genius behind the interiors of the Yerba Buena Club at the Golden Gate International Exposition, Cypress Point Club clubhouses, Zellerbach mansion in Broadway, and the Casa Amesti in California. Elkins is known for combining futuristic concepts with vintage patterns and themes. Elkins was one of the most prominent American interior designers during the 1930s until she passed away in 1953.
  • Some interior designers stayed away from traditional and dull designs, which include Dorothy Draper. Widely popular for her bold and colorful designs, Draper is known for her wild and odd color combinations. She was also an ace when it comes to combining floral and stripped designs that are complimented by furniture accents. Experts and historians consider the works of Draper as modern Baroque. Her works were considered ahead of her time as they tend to be bold and fun. Her works include the interior of the Metropolitan Museum of Art called, Arrowhead Springs Hotel (California), Hampshire House (New York), the Carlyle (New York), the Camellia House (Chicago), and the Greenbrier Hotel (West Virginia).
  • Minimalism is the main theme of the works of Saladino. He is known to be an advocate of minimalism with emphasis on comfort use of space while using fashionable and detailed furnishings. Many of his works showcase his fondness for combining new and old hues, which result in interesting and cool-to-the-eyes color combinations. Saladino is likewise known for his eye for correct geometry, lighting and scale. His passion for minimalism is very apparent with his works including the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, Italy.
  • Being part of the new breed of interior designers, Starck is known for advocating green designs. Unlike other designers that tend to do expensive green designs, Starck want to have environment-friendly designs that can be mass produced. Aside from creating green concepts, he is also famous for creating unconventional shapes and objects that do not lack functionality and usability. Starck is also fond of using available space and area as much as possible. His famous works include the interior design in Elysee Palace in Paris, France.

Home designs today are greatly influenced by different factors including environment, practicality, functionality, budget, and location. Regardless of the exterior design of a structure, the interior design can change the general mood and theme of it – this is how influential and essential interior design is.

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