Making your brand visible online is the need of the day, and so it is crucial for you to create your content in such a way that it enhances your brand visibility. If you are a business owner, it is crucial for you to ensure that your targeted traffic finds you easily. As a business owner, be aware your brand has a voice and with the help of social media networks like Instagram and the like you can attract more inbound traffic to your website easily.

Mobile sharing platform effective for advertising and promoting your business

Instagram is a platform that arrived on the scene in 2010. This social media platform is a mobile sharing application with a simple user interface. Here, you just need to click pictures and share them online. There are attractive photo filters and frames for you to use. When you use Instagram for your photos, you will be able to make your brand more recognizable for existing and future customers.

Establish better brand loyalty and bring in followers

Instagram also gives you better brand loyalty. Companies that use Instagram have reported better customer engagement and sales. This platform reaches out to over 700 million users across the world. This is why it is popular and widely sought after by everyone across the world. It can be used for your business as it helps in real-time marketing that helps you in drawing in more customers and targeted traffic. The best feature of this platform is Instagram Stories that helps you to increase customer engagement. These stories are live for 24 hours, and this is why they are prompted to be shared instantly. This benefits your business and helps you reach out to the targeted traffic.

Widen your business opportunities

With Instagram, you get more opportunities for conversion. You can also increase the number of followers you have. When you make a post, you will find people will like and comment on your post. This gives you a unique opportunity to interact with them and get free Instagram likes for your brand. Every media post, you share gets the chance to be liked and shared. In fact, you should be responsive when you get a like or comment. If you respond instantly, you may convert the visitor into a shopper.

Trigger better conversion rates

Instagram gives you high conversion rates in several distinct ways. The best part of this social media platform is that it gives you the personal touch that your customers are searching for when they look for a good or a service. The humanization factor is essential for every business in the Internet market to succeed. This is why you should focus on creating a social posting plan for Instagram. Instagram is a channel where you can post pictures of people using your goods and services. This helps you to increase conversion rates more than endorsing your products and services with a celebrity. When real people post pictures and share their experiences with the public, they invoke trust and credibility in the market.

Building brand authority

If you are looking for brand authority in the market, embracing Instagram marketing is ideal for you and your business. Brand exposure, credibility, and trust will bring you customers that are loyal and will always come back to you for service and goods. Register on Instagram and create a posting strategy that is regular. Instagram is a social media platform that gives you an authority in the market and better web visibility. The social media platform is simple for you to learn and you do not have to rely on professional companies to do the posting for you. The platform can be learned in just a few minutes, and this is why it is prudent for you to be regular with your posts. Start with a posting strategy where you post early in the morning and in the evening. Choose high-quality media to post. When you post on Instagram, the caption and the call to action is important for the customer. You should post direct links to product pages so that the user can find his or her way easily. The links you post should be working links. The last thing that you want is to lose a customer that finds your links do not work. You will lose this customer, and he or she will not come back to your site. Make sure you evaluate your site at regular intervals and check its response and performance.

Instagram is a social media platform that helps you promote your brand effectively on the Internet. You can reach out to over 700 million users in the age group of 18 years to 30 years on this platform. Use this wisely and make your presence felt on the Internet better!

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media specialist who helps clients get free Instagram likes and brand authority with the strategies she devises for business marketing and promotion.

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